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Welcome back to the Sports edge. I'm Rick Wolf. I've asked student athletes this morning to try men about their thoughts, comments, experiences and reactions, too. For playing sports as we know. Ah, the high school sports have been postponed. Many college conferences have canceled sports for the fall this on top of last spring, where sports were canceled. Ah, you know, we we look, we know that Ah lot of the athletes, particularly seniors, lost their spring semester due to ah to the pandemic and You know, it's it's been devastating. I mean, these are the kids. I was going to use the phrase that they're the collateral damage. No, they are the damage. They're the ones who lost their precious playing time in the high school and college experience is due to the pandemic and they're not coming back. It's just simple is that 1877337 66 66. Let's continue our conversation with Blake out of Livingston, New Jersey, Blake, You're next up on the fan. Yes, Bake Blake. It's Rick Wolf. You're only heir. Hi. How are you? Good. Lee. What is what is your story? But tell me you were How are you affected by the pandemic? I assume that you're a college athlete. Yes. So I say that I just recently graduated from monsters say I played there. Four years, and I played my last season with Coach Jack Breslin. Actually, I've heard of Coach. Yeah, He's a great guy on DH. I lost my In your years. You two the pandemics, So it's really hit home for May care like that must have been Just absolutely devastating for you. I mean, you said you played four years at the long Claire. And it was sudden that there's this virus hits and you're basically said, Well, we're Shutting down the season. I know you guys had played, I guess down south a little bit. And then all of a sudden the word came back to know we're done. I mean, yeah. We were lucky enough to get the 12 games and you know, lot of We didn't get anything. And so those 12 games I didn't know it at the time, but It was the last time I was ever going to play. You know, a competitive level, and I kind of was in denial. Kind of hoping that it wasn't going to end when we were hearing rumors about it. Ah! And then finally, slowly by, like April. It was definitely called off those kind of I'm kind of numb to it. I guess I would say the whole time. I didn't want to believe that it was actually over when it ends. It's it's gonna be So extremely sad and talking with your teammates, Montclair I mean they. They also in denial that although this is it's gonna be temporary. I'm sure restored the season again and by that fell apart. Yeah, definitely. We kind of are holding on our conference. The in Jack is kind of one of the later conferences to call it off. In the end, everything we were kinda holding on that we were going to get Some things together, and we're all really trying to stay positive when we were coming home from Florida Coach Jack and our head coach did a great job of Keeping us in contact during the whole time, sending a motivational positive quotes every day, and Jack had telling us they face and they keep the precautions and state those of this because if we did go back We were gonna have to follow all the guidelines in the rules. Um, found eventually kind of just became a reality that it was over and there was no chance of the season coming back through this. Like you were senior at Montclair. Ah, was that one of the schools that allowed you to if you wanted to Come back another semester another year to play. Yeah, I have a theory called the Cove it yet. So if I wanted Teo, if I wasn't on time to graduate or anything like that, I could go back and play another year. But as a division three level, it's not really that realistic because if I was graduating on time, and you know, get on with my life and started clear and everything It wasn't in the cards for me to go back. I would do it if I could 100%. But unfortunately that's not something realistically that I would dio and I will. Forgive me for asking, but I assume you know that Division three does not offer any athletic scholarships but to go back and play another year. Would mean I guess since you've graduated now, toe guess enroll in some sort of graduate program, which means you still have to pay out of your own pocket, perhaps cracked into debt. I mean, as much as you love playing softball and are good at it. The the practical realities are well, you know? Is that really worth it to play another year? You know, because it's going to be a financial burden on you. And that's tough, but Blake. I am. Have you played softball this summer? Oh, are you done? I actually I'm coaching of New Jersey Club travels like of a 14 year age levels. So I've just been doing that We've been able to get a couple tournament then. Um do you do you guys? Obviously they take precautions with with covert and Yeah. Practice twice a week. All the girls got their temperatures taken before a day. Upon the field. Um, waivers have to be signed and when we go to the tournament Some of the tournament. You're only allowed three girls in the dugout like your team's hitting their disinfecting the dugouts in the benches in between games, each picture hold onto their own softball. There's no Each team has their own set of damn balls. The umpires have mass. But they are taking precautions as much as they can, for the most part, and so far, everyone's been safe. Everyone's been healthy, so that's good. Well, Blake. Thank you for taking the time to toe call in this morning. I much appreciate you doing that. Obviously I feel for you. I mean, golly, eso, devastating to lose your last year. Ah, playing ball under collegially at Montclair, but ah, it sounds like you've come to grips with this and your life moves on Blake. Thank thank you again. Appreciate you calling me Yeah, no problem. Take care. Let's let's move on. Let's go to Ah, let's go over to Markin in Westfield. Hey, marked You're next up on the fan doing good. Mark. How are you? I'm doing well, Thank you. What is your story? Tell me about you and the pandemic. Yes. So on my ninth grader at ST Joe's, with touching and This year. I was going to get to play with pretty special group of guys. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic I missed out on my spring varsity season,.

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