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Hey bible readers. I'm barely kabul. And i'm your host for the bible recap. Today was so good elisha. The prophet is still working. Miracles to display god's character and they're so much of it to see. Our first story is of a syrian military commander named naming before he ever comes into relationship with god. God has his hand on his life. God grants military victories. Which wouldn't sound odd if he were an israelite. But he's not he's actually one of israel's enemies just a few days ago israel and judah were at war with syria in fact in one of syria's rates on israel name and captured a girl and brought her back to service family. She just so happened to mention that she knows a guy who can heal name of his pesky leprosy naming gets permission from the syrian king to go seek healing but it has to run things past the king of israel to. He's an enemy after all. What kind of keen grants an enemy. The right to get healed in their country israel but the king of israel doesn't actually think healing is possible in fact he thinks the request is so preposterous that name and must actually be trying to pick a fight but elisha finds out about it knows it's legit and since for naming gives naming some unconventional advice for healing naming issues to healing rituals performed by pagans. So when elisha tells him to take seven baths and in a filthy river no less east. Furious he's come all this way to get a lesson on hygiene but his servants are like a. What did you got to lose. And it turns out that all he had to lose was his leprosy. He's healed he comes back to give elisha. Thank you gift. But he turns it down and in connection with this. Thank you gift to elisha name and also has a thank you. Gift to god repentance. He confesses that he believes galway. Is the one true guide. Then he asks alisha ver a strange gift he wants to take back a bunch of dirt from israel because he believes the actual land of israel belongs to you alway unlike the enemy nations and he wants to take part of land back home so he can build an altar out of it and make sacrifices. Ti i love his deal but it seems like ill. I should doesn't grant his request. Probably because sacrifices are only supposed to be made in jerusalem as he's heading home elisha servant. Ghazi comes running after him. He has a plan in mind to personally benefit from this situation..

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