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Human sequences the irony guides the cast nine protein to the spot in the dna where you want a snippet are cut it in icy as you would make maybe with a scissors and then inserts another sequence dna sequence the one that you want in that dna a win these changes are made within bacterium does that the tyrian pass it down and then also conversely what about with humans is that passed down to the children or does it need to be in the term line so bacteria their singlecelled and so every cell is of course center in line and bacteria and so when you edited bacterium it gets passed down but humans the only thing we passed round to our children are the germ cells and that's something that is currently not allowed in the united states from making edits they're gonna pass under the term and honestly those are not the kinds of changes any researcher clinician that i know is really interested than it turns out that most genetic diseases you could cure in a socalled somatic sense that is you can make an added tournant vault sell maybe you have a blood disease you can make an at by taking bone marrow out of and affected individual make an edited that bone marrow an and put it back in to that individuals what sort of like a bone marrow transplant but you're giving them a transplant with their own narrow and then the cure steps with that individual that's right so at that point the person who got the edit their children were not carry that at it only they would carry that at it can we walk over here of course and caitlyn 'cause dane masculine.

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