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Cookies were unbelievable. Yeah. She felt like she won the competition. I think she did, you know, George. I didn't taste all of them. I just had like seven verse George Brennan. Excellent bottle of wine. Thank you and an excellent party gift. Thank you. You're welcome for that to this. Great. All right coming back next other stuff. I got a really good one. I got a really good one the annual health inspection reports stadium. Oh, this is. So scared not to go and eat. Hopefully, none none of them multiple Donut spots that you've known. Hopefully, no the donuts are good. Yeah. This is easy. You know, this was this time buyer before Christmas now, it's grimly cheesy. I nailed a ton of these ramblings is a Christmas movie. It is not one. We is a Christmas movie Christmas present chaotic Christmas time. It's ver-. It's Christmas themed. I say, it's fun. Yeah. The Maga was a Christmas gift. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. No one of these days most sitting right here. Yeah. Yeah. It's like a morning show bit too. I think is it. Yeah. Don't even. Yeah. Chris. I'm a big morning show guy. Yeah. Me too. But, you know, Chris like some of the bits you've done the show. You know? Now, you understand they are doing Krizan. Raj are doing their own thing their own show. You are in the show is weird thing when I did the morning show. So I came in did maybe two hours. Yeah. So, and that's what makes it fun, by the way, they're doing their own show right now, and they're planning drops and making sound effects and Christmas saying things in you're just doing a regular show, right occasionally, laughing and occasionally laughing at something they do. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what this stuff is like that sign. I can't even say a lot. I mean, you could say because it's it's like a baseball term to like somebody hits a dengue. Yeah. I guess you're right. Yeah. I wouldn't it. So I have discovered I am a lady. And now a mother I have happened upon the reason why the Rams got crushed. Okay. By the Chicago defense. You know now. Why? Okay. So I went through the offensive line. Okay. Okay. This is this is how you did in Alice's offensive line. That's impressive on on pro football, focus. Right. So rob haven Stein. Excellent. Andrew whitworth. Excellent scores in the really injure Whitworth had two bad full start sort scores in the eighties, really really, really solid. John Sullivan the center fifth forty two nine hundred forty two got destroyed. Yeah. For the season. He's a fifty four. He is a player that is. I mean, he was really valuable to them. But he's a player that is clearly in decline at this point. And that's why teams are able to just shotgun right up the middle passage. So it's funny on the flipside when you look at the chargers, for example. And I know nobody cares about this San Diego Chargers. Yes. Yes. They they brought in Mike pouncey who had had an injury history. Right. But when he's healthy, he's a Pro Bowl level caliber center. Right. And he's been amazing for them. In Philip rivers. Doesn't get as much pressure up the middle as he's had in previous years. There. The San Diego Seattle still the sandy. Could be the San Diego raiders. I know moment, isn't like that. It's weird. I San Diego Chargers. And then all of a sudden my mind goes blank. Yeah. Because I know you said something about him. Right. But it's rusher center. John Sullivan versus by Patsy Sullivan. Yes. No. I got it compared to the two. I did. Yeah. That's how it happened. Yeah. If you by the way, if you're playing fantasy tonight Austin cler out. Yeah. Melvin Gordon most likely out. Yeah. Sammy Watkins out. Spencer where they're starting running back. Kansas City starting running back running back after cream on he is out. And there's one more tyreek hill is questionable. But most people think that he will play he had three touchdown catches in the game in San Diego earlier this season. And I think it's going to be a fun game though..

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