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Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into the Liberty Report with me today as Daniel make atoms are co host Daniel. Good to see you. How are you this morning? Dr Paul Good Talk Talk about Iraq who is in the news and that's what People WanNa hear about and we're looking around and so we find all the information so we can figure out what they're doing. It's not all that easy but a significant event occurred yesterday after you know a couple of days after the killing and that is that there was a letter circulating that said that the American government is planning to leave. Baghdad leave Iraq then all of a sudden they said it was released by the commander her US commander in Iraq and it said that we were laying plans for this but it was quickly You know denied by the officials because I would have sounded like surrender capitulation and you know the parliaments as you guys off leave and we're going to leave and and that wasn't to be true but figuring out why why they did it. I mean the letter was significant. We heard two or three interpretations. We've been told that it was. It was a Just a draft of a letter in preparation for US leaving and quite frankly. I believe there's a lot of deception going on and we haven't figured good out of what their plans on. And you know Daniel one thing as possible as maybe. We can't figure out exactly what they're planning because they might not know even what they're planning because it goes back and forth and maybe it changes from minute to minute and there are a lot of questions coming up now when you think about Russia and Putin getting involved in peace negotiations negotiations and all these other things more threats there on again only end but more specifically talk a little bit about how something like this. This letter came up. I have a little trouble bleeding believing that it's just an accident and and this is this is a big deal if if you know mistakenly released by accident or something that means they have no control whatsoever. So that's the reason that You know it's not exactly a false flag but it's false information and deliberate deception and maybe to settle things down and say well we're not ready to send in the truths we're ready to negotiate and talk about you know getting out and maybe if we up the bribes to different people We can convert or not people interact to put up with us for a long time after thirteen years. I think we're very close to admitting defeat. Just like we had to admit defeat in Iraq and move out of there so There's a lot of things that can happen in a few days and it can change immediately. I listened to Pompeii or this morning and his press conference Auburn. But I couldn't stand it because it was all just pompous talking and I was looking for a hand from him but it was. There was no reassurance reassurance. There was no understanding. No real information. It was all pure deceptive propaganda about how wonderful we are and why we're seeking impeach. We kill people because we want peace and not war. Yeah it is. It's a strange mystery and on the surfaces almost a mess up or something but if you really we stopped think about it. It's very very suspicious. The whole thing and so I wanted to go back and kind of put together what we know about it because you know how these things are often scrubbed from the media first of all. Here's something I was told from. Someone who's an insider that there really is a fight inside the White House administration the trump's for leaving but a mil- ESPN POMPEII or stonewalling him. So for what what it's worth but here's what we do know the. US is suspended. ITS ANTI ISIS training mission to Iraq I would say indefinitely suspending this mission. That's the only reason they were. They were in Iraq. Remember there's no status-of-forces agreement with Iraq. It was simply an arrangement made by the Iraqi government with the US government please come in in were overrun with Isis. We need some help fighting them. And this is the only basis so if you suspend that mission there is no basis to keep US troops in there and I I think a lot of Americans don't understand that they were there because we've always been there but then you have the Pentagon saying we're committed to the mission which descending completely mixed signals because the Pentagon cancelled that mission in Isis defeated. So what is the purpose of us being there were there because we're there so that brings things uh of why released a letter. What is the letter? And I'M GONNA go into some details later but just throw it out there. One day the Iraqi parliament votes votes to end the mission and to ask the United States and all foreign forces to leave a soil the next day or a day and a half here and there. This letter leaks from the US general in charge of of Iraq the Iraq mission in. It's a bizarre letter. It's unsigned I'll read a little bit of it sir. In due you death threats to the sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq and as requested by the Iraqi parliament. Prime Minister we will be repositioning forces over the course of the coming in days and weeks to prepare for Onward Movement etc etc some details we will take measures to minimize disturbance ribbons to the public as we begin implementing the next phase of operations I want to reiterate the value of our friendship and partnership we respect your sovereign decision to order our or departure very suspicious sounding. Don't think absolutely. I think the deception is very strong. That is a word we probably have described accurately but the report also has been removed hundreds or they plan to immediately remove hundreds of our people out of Baghdad and at the same time. We're not leaving and if you think we're going to have to pay US building this building or building the embassy but Now it's back and forth the sanctions on Iraq. Something Super Super Sanction. We spent all this time always does money. A thousand American lives are maybe more and many thousands of Iraqis and others that were killed on this and all of a sudden we deliver literally only deliver politically the Iraq system over to Iran. Yeah and Now we're fighting them and fighting to get us there. They sometimes when I make statements that this is just. They're really really ridiculous. I don't know what they're doing in others will correct me at Tom. I'M GONNA say they know exactly what they're doing. Chaos is good for them. Sometimes but I think that they don't always know what they're doing other within the fact that they know what they don't want they don't want a free society and they don't want us to be a nonintervention society and I know they want to support the military industrial complex complex so we can rule out a lot of things that they claim. They're sincere about the most ridiculous of course. Is this idea. We had to kill them it because we wanted to prevent a war. Sure somebody somebody is going to believe that. Today when they were interviewing palm peyot he. He asked the reporters. How many people in here believe the solemn I saw me was on a peace mission? You know he could have been. We don't know for sure. But this whole idea that they know absolutely that they're Hitler and the and then Zarifa courses a hitherto. They won't even let him go to the United Nations. I mean they were moving back to an uncivilized society as long as we're in there but we're struggling to maintain in our empire and I think we're on the defensive on on defending the empire. Yeah and on the defensive. I think because this is such a bizarre story this the letter. And here's a couple of things here's what we do and also some things we do know about it and some of this is according to a good article in the dispatch that that sort of broke it down. At least. This is the time line that that that I've seen first of all the story of this withdrawal letter broke on the TV channel of an Iraqi militia group. we say in Iran backed Iraqi rocky M- militia group the A H that group is on the. US terror list. Apparently it was leaked to them by the Iraqi Prime Minister's his office. And they publicized it from there. It quickly like wildfire ran through the US news media and became a huge story here origins being in the Iraqi Prime Minister's office then the US military was sent scrambling what is going on. What is they had no answer? At first it was a weird letter. It was unsigned. It had some unusual grammatical errors so the question is what happened. What really happened happened with this letter? And we'll never know but I have a couple of scenarios I will bring up. If you'll indulge me for a second. Dr Paul. First of all members can talk. Maybe it was leaked by some. US A group. Maybe some neo cons. Maybe some people in the military affiliated with neo cons to make trump look bad here. He is talking tough fe. You'RE GONNA pay us. We're going to sanction. Can you and then behind the scenes. He is sending a letter saying we're going to withdraw. We respect your sovereignty that's one could be fabricated by Iraq Iran. Dan To make the US look bad here. Look they're running their tail between their legs that's possible could be fabricated by Israel or even the Saudis forced to denial. Denial denial on record. No we're not pulling out. We're not pulling out. That's a possibility as you suggested in your opening points could be a monumental foul of makes you wonder under about about operational security of something like this what would have to be classified drops out in and a s percent at first we just don't know. Oh you know. And then millie the chairman of the joint chiefs later said in. This is the weirdest part. The letter is a draft. It was a mistake. It was unsigned. It should not what have been released or if that's the case who released it. And why would you release a draft of a letter so inaccurate as you claim. Why would you give that to the Iraqi you prime minister? Hey here's a letter that says the opposite of what we're GONNA do. What do you think about it? You know so nothing. Nothing adds up in this and I hate to but my head is about to explode well while we do know that the Russians don't sit idly by they pay a lot of attention. They've invested a lot there in the neighborhood and they are just just coming off a relatively successful event in Syria in in in many ways you know we lost. Syria seems seems. Except we're clinging to a few oil wells that we're going to pay for our pay for our troubles but I think Putin is no dumbbell and now he's talking about bringing these people together he he really is talking peace and people. Would you know the neo concerts. There you go shop and you know how how the Liberals Hate Putin to looking looking. How hate they directed him because they had to mix them up with With trump so this is the whole thing but if you if you can sit back and sit and just to analyze is Putin has come out pretty well. And he doesn't what does he have..

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