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Pretty tough on the air drums, Rick Here we go. David. Rick, We've got to go on Angie. Little little tribal thing. They're on there. It's not even air drums anymore, right? No. It's counter drums, counter drums. They laughed at me this morning as I was doing there guitar to kiss. He laughed. It was the faces you were making. She's got faces to go with it right. Nice to get the Asian over by going. That's right. Welcome back 9 39 is there time 303713585 is the number Texas If you would like to 56690 I was going to bring this up yesterday. And where can I just get going in a million different directions. There was an interesting exchange in a game that was played on. I believe the game was played either Saturday or Sunday. With the Clippers and the Mavericks. And I tell you what. What a serious that has turned out to be tied to an Oak City in Houston, by the way, tied it to a swell, but Luca Don Cheech, the great player for Dallas. Got tangled up on the floor with Montrell mantra as Harold Right and They get up and kind of have words. Luca looks at him says Stop flopping, man, and then they go down Harold, then scores Toucher was the next possession of the following possession, And as he's backpedaling down the court to his defensive position, you can see clearly that he mouths Um, bitch ass, white boy. Now the announcers on TNT talked about that. And I think to Harold's credit He apologized to don change before the next game. They talked at mid court. And Harold hugged him and don Cheech hugged him back, and I think I think that's you know, that's done now when we're able to move on which I would like to think That when something like that happens that You know where we were able to move on that we don't. We don't engage in this cancel culture every single thing that has said, I will say this when it comes to professional sports, I'll speak strictly of professional sports. That kind of exchange. Happens quite a bit. It just does. It happens. From black player to black player. It happens from black player to a white player and from white player, the white player and from white player to black player. If I had a dollar For every single time that and you can just start the sentence any way you like to And finish it with white boy. When I was in the NFL. Then I would have I'd have a house somewhere on an island, right? That's just so I don't and I answered back. I never answered back with the n word, but I did answer back and some some of the exchanges Are really to me somewhat humorous, but he apologized for it. I know we've had a couple of e mails over the last couple of days wondering why we didn't talk about it. So we're talking about it, but I don't see any need. Other than what is already transpired to take it any further. And it seems like that's been going on on athletic fields for Ever and it still goes on today. Ah, probably Almost every level. I would think to some point high school college professional. Maybe not in high school. When you hear that in high school, I think most coaches try to clean that up quick. Right? I mean, our Attila's My point now, But my point is, I've been on high school sidelines for a long time..

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