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Do that. One day at a time. Mike is working to relearn life skills from walking over to speaking with his kids. You don't give up do you buddy. You got a lot to achieve still young. And now he battled his way back to better health. Mike's getting some extra encouragement from one of his idols look closely. He's wearing a miami dolphins. Dan marino jersey. The video caught the eye of the legendary dolphins quarterback who sat mike a personal message of hope. Mike how you doing managed. Dan marino saw video. I love the courage walking up the steps and making it so you just keep working hard man and the no. You're going to be going deep someday for me. Maybe i'll throw you a ball. It wasn't emotional moment long. Mike's journey to recover as mike make you feel that go through the struggles and work hard. It's is it gives you the inspiration that we all can do that every day. Dan marino's message giving mike the fuel to keep going. It brings her on days when spirits may be loan. We can always look at that. And it will gives hope for better. Danes and dan marino says of keeping up with mike's progress and promises to throw him a pass as soon as mike is. Ray that's nbc nightly news for this saturday. I'm jose diaz balart thank you for the privilege of your time and good night..

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