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See the denise and Lisa ran a restaurant scene where they get together to. Can we please be effing over with the story line already for the love of Lucille Lucy apple juice isn't over yet I. Know Yeah this scene. Actually for me was one of the more compelling parts of the episode. weirdly because it did feel more real to me, it did feel like Lisa arena in denise. Have that history lease arenas a terrible front for her, and you can tell that there's real hurt their denise was basically like okay well. I'm seeing Renna. The character you play on the housewives. Housewives instead of Lisa Arena, my friend of twenty years, and so I thought that that was compelling I loved that Lisa Arena broke the fourth wall on her confessional because I, think that needed to be said like the underlying tone. This whole time of the hypocrisy is that the women are essentially saying denise. You're talking about this yesterday. Talking about it on a girl strip alike. It's GonNa. Be Shown on national television. Your kids are GonNa. See this and I thought it made a lot of sense. If. The women are frustrated if they feel like. Denise is using the show to change her image like that does make me understand where they're coming from a little bit more, but that being said I am just let. Let's move on people. into total Taylor Armstrong enough moment rate here lake. Yes, he much like. Are you on team denise? Or team will ingar settled has been I. think really loyal to Denise like when they started trashing denise and that year. Week Gerstle was like okay. This is what's happening. I'm just go ahead and get out of here. You know and said your guys billy. She didn't sit there and like listen to it, which I thought was like. Oh, you're really good person. Carcelle is a really good friend I'm excited to see her. Sorry I. Know We're getting sidetracked I'm excited to see her on the cast trip just because she really hasn't been around a lot like I wanna see what it's like when she's really in the mix, and she's not leaving early because she has like an actual career job, but as far as the Denise Versi, originally I was team denise because I understand that there is a difference between talking to your friends on a girl Strip and talking about your sex life like. Five inches away from your children, but I think that the way that she's handled it and also just like Aaron. Getting involved makes it really tough for me to stay on team. Denise because it's just like this could have also been over if you had just addressed it. Not Run away from every party. Also kept your husband out of it right. I, go back and forth with Aaron. Because obviously he is not handled himself well I mean I mean from the crushing of the hand, which is just horrendous. The fact that they called that back last week him Mike Calling back was very strange to me. Right yeah. That was a deeply troubling moment and I. I've got to believe that the editors left that in for us for a reason, the thing with me is obviously in real life. Your husband, you want your man to have your back like if you were at a party in, you're getting ganged up on. Like I would certainly hope that my husband would step in and like at the very least like art. We're leaving, but you know have my back, but that being said this is a housewife show in i. do think that the women's signed up for this and. We are watching. It puts a weird dynamic into it when the husbands get involved, I actually thought like PK An. Aaron's little chat later like I think that PK was giving good advice in his strange convoluted PK way of like hey i. know the instinct to wanted to send your wife, and it's hard to see her. Be Confronted like this, but also like this is part of the job. And I feel like Tariq did that last week to like. She looked right at again and denise and said I know how this is. This is gonNA. Be held plays out like listen to me from experience and they didn't listen to her fell on deaf ears. Get now on errands deaf ears this week and it's just like. I'm so frustrated with this storyline like it's just it's. It's so much of nothing especially when we have something about to happen like honestly they eliminated. This was a basic waste of episode. It was I mean yeah. We had the like Glitz and glamour, but it was like. A was a waste of episode, and it could have been so much more than I really concerns me that they're building up this brandy thing because I'm kind of like. Is there actually GonNa, be anything like what is. It was also and this is another conspiracy theory moments me. Did you notice that? When Denise and Brandy were talking like? Erica Jane whispered and they actually did a subtitle. It's happening. It's happening like I'm wondering if the women know. Abou- the Denise and Brandy thing already in there like waiting for it to come out or if that was just like I'm reading too much into it like. Maybe, she was talking about denise coming over to see them, but I don't know I. I found that interesting thing that they subtitled interesting. I didn't think about that, but you're right like I. Just assumed it was like Oh. Look here go, but it could have been more than that I. Hope it's more than that like we needed. We deserve more than we're getting, and it's funny to think that they had a several week hiatus. Why didn't they clean this up? I just don't know if we have. We have anything. I mean I think. They started out so strong super super into it I think you came on instagram live when it first started right and we were like both pretty into it like we were excited. And I just I'm worried like. Maybe this is just some filler episodes before we get to like a big showdown or a big moment, and there were some funny moments. I liked I liked. Who Was it that said I'm happy to see you, but your asshole on twitter Camille like there were, there were some funny moments. But like I just needed more especially. This is like a big party like we expect these big. You know these big extravagant parties to be the source of drama I WANNA see like wine being thrown I. WanNa see someone crying in a suitcase like i. want to see something happen. No crutches were hidden I feel ripped off right very ripped off. You don't I thought this was a really interesting seen? We've gotten a lot more of oursel- lately, maybe not as much with the group, but we're getting to know her seat her script. Get doctored, and I'm using doctored is very like very liberally here who? Did you? I know you're younger than me. Have you ever been exposed to the Music Video Collection of r? Kelly's trapped in the closet. I have yes, yes, yes, yes, every second that they kept on talking about what they did to grow sales shirt. Does is there going to be a little person that comes out who is having an affair with the? Why was bad shit? It was so bad shit and I actually like again i. have really been enjoying ourselves. Shoes really been a breath of fresh air again. Super excited to see what it looks like when she's like in the vacation setting with them, and she's not having to leave early like I don't think it sounds like from interview. She's done. It doesn't sound like she's necessarily in the middle of the drama. Yet I would be very interested she's. She's going to get a second season..

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