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Me in two thousand and four him like music confused. Some black South African activist's activists in fact I was doubting them that they might understand. What are we talking talking about? Eventually they did get it by promoting Culture Shabalala and Ladysmith quietly infiltrated black activism. In South Africa they recorded with. And we're recognized by none other than Paul Simon which only led to grammy's for the band in their own right. Shabalala told me that his whole life. He just wanted a home for for his Zulu culture after par tate. He said he saw it happening. Whenever he saw the reaction of South African kids hearing the music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo for the first time woo? Where's this music? This nothing like this at school. Where are these people is very good and the old the people that know this man has talent? He's talking about something he he has a talent he born with eat. Take these are the people that we need he. Joseph Chabala was seventy eight. Just Ed Straw. It'd be on Ans- US as being a you long for the political geeks among us. The long wait is finally over New Hampshire voters are heading to the polls or three to the one that was just past midnight in the tiny town of Hart's location population forty-one for days days Democratic presidential candidates have been frantically crisscrossing the state appealing for last minute votes. This is our moment in history and and here. We are at decision time and it is so critically important that we get this right. And not only. Is the whole country looking at New Hampshire. But the world is was looking at the Hampshire. What is the Hampshire GonNa do Front runners their Elizabeth Warren people to judge and Bernie Sanders as the dams are delivering their message in the granite state? Republicans are going nationwide with their appeals to win over new voters to join the grand old party namely Latinos. The rules days of contrast joins me now. She's the editor editor of our every thirty seconds project which tracks a generation of young Latinos. Every thirty seconds in America another Latino becomes eligible to vote so daisy there seems to be a general assumption. That Latinos vote democratic. Is that true. The short answer is yes but it's also important to understand that just looking at the majority does not give us the entire picture in the midterm elections in two thousand eighteen. Yes the majority of Latino voters went for a Democratic candidate in these congressional congressional races at about seventy percent while about thirty percent back the Republican candidate and over the years the number of Latinos have voted for the Republican Party has stayed pretty consistent and those numbers of stayed consistent even when we're hearing strong anti-immigrant rhetoric from the president and the circles. Yeah I mean and that's another thing about the myth myth of the Latino electorate that immigration is a deal breaker for all I mean it's not completely true. Specially for many Republicans while Latinos do have ties is to Latin American countries like Venezuela. May He Coa or they have unique circumstances that brought them here to the United States. Things like how much money a family has ask for example or how many generations family has been in the US could help shape does perspectives. So for example we've heard a lot from trump recently about Venezuela Ella. Here's trump at the state of the Union address. Last week the United States is leading a fifty nine nation diplomatic coalition against the socialist the dictator of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro trump is using events in those countries to appeal to conservative Latinos. Right here in the United States and so Florida for example has a large Venezuelan population trump sees that and he also knows that this is the key state for him to win reelection. Listen so in short Immigration could be part of the issues of Republican Latinos are caring about but it isn't necessarily a priority for them Emmett's more about the economy jobs healthcare and maybe even border security and if you've been voting for a Republican candidate chances are that you've been loyal to the party for many generations so all those things economy jobs healthcare is the president Messing those things to Latinos. Well going back to the state of the Union address again. Trump talked about the economy. And how it's going. For Latino unemployment rate for African Americans Hispanic Americans Orange and Asian Americans has reached the lowest levels in history.

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