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They'll be owners signed off on their plans for starting their season in early July yesterday the Players Association guess that proposal today it calls for eighty two games at empty home stadiums limited travel expanded playoffs and the D. H. in both leagues but most importantly owners reportedly asking for a fifty fifty split in revenue which is basically a salary cap something the union wants no part of players also believe that the salary reductions they agreed to in March are still good enough next March's world baseball classic about to be canceled it'll most likely be played in twenty twenty three and the model some other factory real I would you know what I forgot it was coming next March when I would come next March with a W. and see what we focused from what I understand is not directly covert related it's because of the Olympics being move next year that would be one international baseball competition in twenty twenty one sure I understood yesterday okay okay hang outside of like team USA these other countries that participate they're not going to double the if you will not ship torments for there will be whatever you call them of course the Olympics being delayed is covert related but that's what but it's not a direct if you will lead over worry about this in twenty twenty one because of the Olympics in twenty twenty one did you find us a way in the bathroom or actually I also texted George Karl baseball by the way does have the best misfit rosters for the Olympics like if you had a slice of pizza you can play for Italy all your questions yeah no question the NBA and its players reportedly agreed to push the league's sixty day window for terminating their current CBA till September that gives both sides more time to see just how badly the league has been hurt by the shutdown Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury's gotten off that couch in the world's greatest living room to do some coaching Hannah staffer figuring out how to use rookie Isaiah Simmons he played five different positions and played the well at Clemson but Kingsbury says Simmons will focus now on linebacker if he is able to really focus on one position you know having the flexibility to still move around but really focus on one I mean what what does that look like in the sky could really be the limit and that's why we're so excited about that's what this is through the roof but it's really a place only positions and and not really having a chance to focus on one we just think the sky could be the limit for what he can be if if we really locked in one position for a majority that's on fellow rookie to a ton of I. lo has signed his first contract it's the usual four year deal with a fifty year option the Max value is thirty points to eighty two million dollars with a nineteen point six mil signing bonus all of this money is guaranteed Tom Brady was on Instagram last night denying that a crumbling relationship with pats OC Josh McDaniels helped him leave New England and Caesar's sports books setting Patrick Mahomes as the betting favorite to be M. V. P. he has four to one odds up next is Lamar Jackson at thirteen to to Christian McCaffrey has the best odds forty to one A. as the as the top non quarterback in the last time a QB didn't win MVP was twenty twelve when Adrian Peterson wanted so we're to string a QB wound that award Oct twelve is considering an eleven game conference only schedule for the coming season that according to USC football coach clay Helton he says any decision is at least six weeks away Notre Dame gets NC state grad transfer quarterback Nick McCloud he's a three year starter team captain will put only two games last season with a knee injury and sports business journal estimating over seven hundred thousand pay per view buys for UFC return on Saturday the Nielsen ratings released later today the A. back to you thank you folks morass you sounded pained in the background when boats ripped off the M. V. P. odds I was going through a lot I guess actually I was seriously going through this in the bathroom yes that he wants the out the M. V. P. Vegas because we got an email all the time with certain Vegas odds and everything I was just going over some of the strong you know get my sports gambling uses what and the Christian McCaffrey think stuck out to be a bother me for one reason there are probably going to be people that Russian and want to spend money in Christian McCaffrey forty one goal it's great odds are due for a running back without factoring in this the Carolina Panthers we all could pretty much our culture not any good football team most people have them picking in the top five next year like that is such a trip back to get you to go that's great odds of running backs do when in reality we're never going to get the I. P. P. to a team that's bad and not anywhere near playoff contention so I could do what you wanna do with your money but I was read that yesterday it felt like such a trick that people go wow that's kind of the best odd play here when in reality they're never forget the running back prospect cal as I could be anywhere near the playoffs how could you take that bet and in this room is going to be picked yes soccer but I wonder when the last time the NFL MVP did not make the post season I've been interesting thing to look back and look at but you're right I mean they're likely to be the worst team in the NFC south this right here and if there are six in ten team the best five eleven you're almost never going to give the M. V. P. to a guy that's five eleven unless he has some type of historic crazy year which even then you might not act up doing it because it's supposed to be valuable to the team success as well right then that's where they always have like the office of you're the your stuff and it got for the loopholes coming well how could I could be offered by the but out of the P. that's where all that stuff happens but yeah I mean I was stressed anybody looking a bit on a V. P. right now don't be a sucker Christian McCaffrey the Panthers gonna stink and if Mahomes wins the MVP this year has to M. V. peas and a Super Bowl championship his first three seasons as a starting quarterback the whole trajectory is just insane and you have the type of accomplishments that he would already be on track for the game plan for success is sponsored by napa let's take a look at Kyle Busch is planned for success at Sunday's Darlington four hundred NASCAR's back on Sunday bush listed at five to one if you need to hold off the field led by Kevin Harvick Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex junior he and NASCAR have to overcome a lay off to the corona virus pandemic NASCAR has not raced since March of the first so we're talking about two and a half months what will it look like racing in front of empty crowd as well with new safety procedures could have sama different psychological psychological effects on the racers perhaps napa believes every driver deserve quality auto parts that's what you can do it yourself at a napa auto parts center have it done for you at a napa auto care center either way that's napa know how when we return on the show advanced analytics does too well wearing number one.

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