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They're pretty much the same thing i would think. Yeah connects with the first one. Because he has so many electronics and so much junk but the house is so messy. And there's like amazon boxes all over the place all the time. One question back to that first thing when the what what was the last thing or maybe the most ridiculous thing that he has said it's for the house. Will you split the cost with me. Probably this like living room spy camping. He bought so spidercam of the right word. Whatever you call it. I don't know nanny cam. But we don't have kids so i don't understand that. Why do you watch your house from faraway. Yeah well. I let people walk our dog than we don't know them necessarily but a company and so he says that in order to protect your electronics. He needs this cam so he can check it on. Its own to make sure nobody's feeling stuff. I just don't like somebody being in my house without me. Being able to see it. Exactly the worst part is he. Sometimes i'm just sitting like studying in the living room and all of a sudden i hear is that in the webcam he can talk me through it and i use it for that purpose. It's a good thing you didn't choose the missing because we wouldn't have believed you for one second he gets mad. We say something about his room and they're being messy. Hey we got got guest. I'll get it. I'll get know you're gonna mess it up. I know where everything well excellent work. Thank you very much jobs job. You later rob. You don't dispute any of those but you just don't care i mean i do care i do care but i mean they're they're they're they're pretty accurate to protect your electronic. Tj's total recall podcast as a financial professional. Your clients expected to know everything about well. Everything after all they know there's news about the markets on social media and online. That's everything right. At thrive in asset management we help financial professionals gained the clarity. They need today to position client portfolios for the potential of tomorrow. It's why the experts who manage the products. We offer taken informed long-term view of investment objectives. And while your clients to come to you for help with their questions. Put thrive in asset management's fifty years of experience to work for them together. We can help shape. The futures they imagined learn more about thrive and asset management and thrive and funds dot com slash advisable. That's thriving funds dot com slash advisor thriving asset management a division of vent offers financial professionals variety of investment products to help meet their clients needs thrive and distributors. Llc member finra sipc is a subsidiary of thrive in the marketing name. who thrive in financial for lutherans. This is the ace and tj total recall. Podcast there's a couple of their ninety three and ninety two dentists and meghan. They met in nineteen forty eight two weeks later. They got engaged but he ended up going into the military and they send each other like hundreds of love letters over the years and he still have them there ninety three in ninety two and they were doing an interview and they were pulling out these old love letters and they were just beautiful like the way they wrote about each other and how much they missed each other. It was just like a unruly two weeks after only two weeks. But here's the kicker of it still married. They say they've never had an argument. Ever not bogus were they said. How was that even possible being married for that long and he said what you have to you have to separate Real true love from sex right a lot of people lust for each other and then they build these relationships based on their sexual attraction natural sexual attraction. But it's not based on somebody that you really want to spend the rest of your life with or you feel like you're compatible with. They said that's the secret and the secret is figuring out a way to avoid the conflict because stuff like that can fester and build up and eventually lead to the downfall of your marriage so they were avoiding fights at every turn. But then that's when it does fester and build up animosity and then you end up resenting your spouse if you don't address it whatever's nitpicking picking it you. Oh you seem. You're the person that likes to poll. Yeah that's what i say. Address it and then you can either learn from it or adjust the behavior that's bothering your significant other and then you work better together. As opposed to. If every single day. I woke up and the way he did. Something drove me insane. Eventually i'd start seeing other things that drove me insane and it would fester. And then the animosity built and then you resent them and then you have problems. Look at it this way. not that. i'm a big fighter. ken. I don't really fight. But i think it's if you have to address issues can't make up if you don't argue you know what i'm saying i think about that. What is your question about this so my question is they've avoided the arguments at all costs. Avoid the fights. Let's engage in some fights because we all say pretty outlandish yet. Polarizing statements on this show because we really believe him a lot of the time. Sometimes we're just trying to get a rise outta people but what's the one fight that you would pick with people that you can stand behind and you can defend. I mean ace has said for years that he doesn't think tina's are attractive. Women named tina are attract. Never met one exactly. So that's that's a something he's willing to stand behind and he defends it. Do we have any other things that we would like to pick a fight about. I don't i don't like being controversial or antagonistic. No so you're out. But i mean i'll i'll stand behind the fact that mint chocolate chip ice cream is for women. That's one i can think of. That's a good one not saying that men can't enjoy it but n- realize while you're eating it that you're enjoying a woman food which is fine same with pasta pasta with no sauce on the pasta salad especially pasta salad like suddenly salad suddenly salad and a pound cake found gay. Chromatic cake with no icing. Those women is that women to go to a salad store. You know one of those restaurants only have salads. Tell us more about the saddest valid to the restaurant only has salad like field of green. Yes i couldn't think of the word restaurant or the name of it right there. No because i mean you can load those up with bacon. And salami and all that so bacon salami makes it masculine. Yeah anytime there's a salted cured meat. Tj also believes for the record that no man should beating a rap. Is women food. No it's not mentioned need realize you're eating the woman food. Okay just take me rob heavy. You never rob really never says anything like that. No i don't really have anything. I can think of nothing major to get behind no calls. No okay riggins that you don't want to date me if you have kids like i know women. All the time are like he's got something against women with. I have nothing against women with kids. I think it's a wonderful thing. I think makes you a strong person that you can raise children by yourself. I'm just saying. I can't take you because you don't want me. You.

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