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And just kind of known for a hands, but, you know, and she, she hit me she and rock at one time. But then mission started rocking her. She wanted that fight to get dirty get down to the ground, and it did and she wanted to fight. But on this, this, this time when you go back with all these spirits that makes you has had. She's been finished all these people in record time. We'll we'll, we'll someone just at least stay back DC and just like just, just throw a jab just don't get in harm's way, if I could just let me take her let me see if I can get this lady in a second or third round and just see what kind of gas takes you just by staying away. Well, it makes sense. It does. You're a case, your Cajun. You're, you're right in your book us the running on the is what one of the represents. Yes, comes out there, if you don't let her she's going to come after you. Right. So it's like what do you, do you predator or break, you are you going to be the pre are you going to be the predator? Right. I think that's the approach me up in again emotion. Right. Very tight emotionally to Rhonda. So she wants to get after her right away. Right. She has the fun of different approaches him. Otherwise, the result will be saying, there's a chance to result will be the any right because I think, Rhonda, not only because of not only because of the Romanian Luke, Rocco g give how are you little weight, and look at the size on that dude bigger me? But the result it'll be very hard for her to change the result, regardless. But she has to do something, different stairway, test Rhonda in the stand up in not allow wrong that have make you fight where she wants to fight it. I don't know how to do that if I'm coaching against around the Rasi, I don't know what to say to her. To mission or to anyone going into that fight. His role Visser off, like vetch, did and hope that she abandons the grappling because then she'll just stand with you. Which in turn means you have a better chance to even though it may not be the greatest chance. You have a better chance in the standup. Then if you're grappling with, that's my approach as a Coachman, dude. Did you just say this her all fissile Beth Korea did? And she took it personal. And man, you just have run is not already a monster when they ring the bell with a personal issue at stake with comments. Ben Korea made his I Steve Kerr abandoned, the grappling, I can watch but, but at least at least don't go family global down. Okay. We're trying to try to route where. Yeah. Piss off, somehow don't make it personal to the level that Bech did that was bad. Okay. That was bad. But let's talk about the hype or the pressure goes job, Bill. She sold the fight Vesco, equal care. At the end of the day, if it's a business she made people. Although that would seem eighteen the one who wanted to biggest mismatches, and you have see history. Right. But we tuned in, because we wanted to see what Rondo was going to do it. Also, how does she make this girl pay for the oh, no, no? And she made her pay, and it rung up the box office and it sold the fight, and I get all those of engine, and all of a sudden, you know, when you got a man, my wife fell asleep on the couch and we were waiting on that fight out. Yeah, it was wrong you love card. Yup. Seven and show. The people in Brazil was, like two thousand three hundred in morning. And finally, the fight comes on and started. Four seconds slow now was spectacular fashion. Because now you saying, Ron Ron to go through her last three or four fights and put in a little bit over minutes, where the word I mean it just shows how bad ass. She let me all your point..

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