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Good morning everybody eighteen a 'em tom anderson show happy thursday happy rick miller kid you know it's interesting what dazer tomorrow i mean how many are there good lord yeah every day there's something and today was national get funky day that we put little punky tone earlier it's also be nice day nationally what's the one tomorrow that a told german germanamerican national germanamerican day tomorrow noodle mad hatter day mad hatter and that's member mad hatter from that one for me you better respect me tomorrow but oh what it's a national plus side is appreciation day so all of us all of us half these unite how ironic that it also national noodle day tomorrow right noodles are you saying i could eat noodles emmer can you imagine there is a play herity there in portland cold noodles the by the way these one in vegas two other than it's okay k that one the one important balaj an additive they had a truffle blocked truffle noodle dish who that was good yummy i love noodles i mean when we talk about carbs i try to stay away from carbs i've been losing weight as a result i feel healthier but i certainly have i think we all do the logically in addiction and what are the four carbs we've talked about breads but does noodles rice what's the one i would love to take back and that was bred for me yeah i would i love them all now here's what my new noodle illegals would be the least for me i mean noodles or great would cheese and other things that wall sauteed us but yeah but i mean noodles would probably be the rice pork fried rice i always bring a portrayed potatoes would be mine but now my new noodle that i i use with anything i'm doing pasta like is due pini respirable as the that's the way to do it as an and i'm getting used to it it's it's nice and a taste close enough you think did visually you're seeing it it's like they being holding it in its better than cigarettes because you know what safer its healthier and then also you have the feeling of holding something do you think it's night nice are you going to do the crusty one or the cauliflower one cauliflower now what's the crusty why well it's one that's more resembling an you make it with the mozzarella cheese and coconut flour roman floor.

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