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Backed up and hit an officer police opened fire. The driver kept on going got down a little bit. More bailed out Brown house in St. on the ramp there. Ditch the vehicle and then ran into the housing complex to officers. Take. For treatment minor injuries. They're going to be okay. The search continues live in the east village, Sean Adams, WCBS NewsRadio. Thank you, Sean. It's five O five tip to cops and a traffic stop last year has ended with the take down of a heroin ring eleven people under arrest after a nine month investigation in Rockland county, this investigation put a dent in the heroin trade, and it took a lot of her when off the streets, which we believe may have saved lives. West habits draw police chief Peter Murphy, the alleged source of the supply was pulled over with three pounds of heroin and his car back in December. By that time. Investigators say they had already developed information on the leader of the ring and his chain of sellers. Cops also busted some buyers as part of the investigation five oh five and governor Cuomo says he is ready to sign a Bill on revenge porn that has cleared the Senate and assembly you'd be surprised to hear how young the victims. Are here's WCBS reporter, Mike smells, Long Island state. Senator Monica Martinez has seen the impact of revenge porn. It was during her time as an assistant principal. Brentwood that one of her students eleven year old girl at private photos of her and to her boyfriend that ended up on the internet. The fact that her privacy was violated really affected her. I remember having her in office and the trauma literally that he went through was was heartbreaking revenge porn Bill gives victims the ability to force websites to remove those images. And makes it a misdemeanor for whoever originally shared. The revenge porn Afrique cases involving kids under the age of eighteen. Those cases will be tried in family court which provides the chance for the offenders punishment to be kept private and not stay with them their entire life. Senator Martinez says the soon to be law will be a great teaching tool in schools, where.

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