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If your server around the station. down the dharma you've hit upon the station is down with it can't quit it up to it and don't know it you're at W. C. B. M. six AM and of course this is Robbie Davis and of course I'm fired up because I'm from Robbie first base home of the big league deal right there and lovely Timonium. Jay Harris and bill they're not here so you're stuck with me for the next hour and this is the fastest power and radio and what we do here let me try yeah your servant our you know everybody talks about politics and and what's happening in the world for one hour we're going to talk about the important things and you know what they are get rid of some of that junk in the aisles so the numbers for ten nine two two six six eight zero get in where you can fit in and you know they have a policy where you can't call this week if you called last week so I'm gonna have the producer but I'm gonna have a turn or one of the last week or meter and you know what that is that's just right for moving between we got with the text if you called last week so if you call but if we don't call this week limited to two items and we're going to go right to the board call for ten nine two two six six eight zero and before I take the first call let me say happy mother's day and I know you guys are out there and say and Robbie is not mother's day. when a lady becomes a mom everyday is mother's day those kids need her every day so look over at that person beside you and say happy mother's day three dot that me and said I'll take the first call the numbers for ten nine two two six six eight zero come on lets spread some of that stuff around Baltimore grace good morning morning I hope I didn't wake a great how you doing fine I'm sorry I've been out talking to you you are yes Sir I'm glad to have you yes listen I've got a bedroom set. green is size red okay through nice staying yeah. one dress certain Megan dressers dressers and chest on chest right I wonder if I wonder about five hundred dollars big bedroom set Chester one chance got the night span grace tell me where you are where you calling from I live in Kearney Parker okay so you live in Clarion Parkville yeah and do you have a phone number grace yes and that number would be yeah six six eight yeah all nine is six eight all right so Gress is grace skews me as some lovely Carney her number is for ten six six eight oh nine six eight got a bedroom set asking five hundred dollars is that right and I've got a. I just got a stereo and how much is a stereo greats. okay three hundred for the stereo all righty all right thanks very special Carmen and and I want you grace to keep listening because what we're gonna do I gotta tell you folks right now I've talked to my friend Tom the Paula and I'll tell you later in the show who he is but Tom the Paula hi we're gonna Robbins first base we are going to give you an opportunity to hang with the big boys when I say the big boys you know a million dollars doesn't go that far anymore so what we're gonna do is you would be able to hang with the president of the what we're going to be given away the opportunity to win two hundred and twenty seven million dollars so you got to stay tuned because you got to be able to answer the question to do it but you're going to have an opportunity to win to harden twenty seven million so if you know anybody around Baltimore who can use like on the money I would advise you to what get him to listen to the show that being said the numbers for ten nine two two six eight zero get in where you can fit in and let's go to Baltimore and is this are ever made..

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