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I am part of the resistance inside the Trump administration. That is a pretty provocative headline, and it sits above an op-ed published in the New York Times today. All we know about its author is that he or she is a senior official in the administration of US President, Donald Trump, Kelly McBride is immediate ethicist and senior vice president of the Poynter institute. We reached her earlier today in Saint Petersburg, Florida, MS, McBride. What was your initial reaction when you saw this op-ed today? I was blown away. I could not imagine the New York Times doing this until this moment. And I just think that they probably spent hours and hours days and days trying to decide if this was the right thing to do, and it's struck me as this is a historically significant action both politically in the country, but also for journalism for. The most significant news organization in the country to run an anonymous op Ed about the president. Can you walk us through the parts that most stood out for you and why? This is. So I guess, alarming too many people? Well, I mean, alarming significant game changing. I think there's a lot of different adjectives that you could use for this, and I'm not sure how to years ten years from now will look back on this moment and if we'll think, oh, this was a really great thing for the New York Times to do, or this was really foolish thing for the New York Times to do, but but the thing that stood out to me is it is anonymous, which is like a revolutionary war kind of journalism significance. We don't see in the paper of record anonymous claims about politicians. We see them using anonymous sources, allot. But to have it the full on op Ed that I think is the most significant thing..

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