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Jason Brooks, Rosenblatt Securities discussed on KCBS Radio Afternoon News


Caucus stocks closed higher today we have Jason Brooks on the moneywatch resumes stock got a big boost after a Rosenblatt securities client note hi the firm's price target by fifty five dollars to one hundred fifty dollars that's still well below zooms current trading levels but it's above the street average for the same as a firm which plans to strengthen encryption on video calls made by paying clients and institutions such as schools but not for users of its free accounts privacy advocates are criticizing the move in season should provide full encryption to every meeting but soon stock was a clear winner today up almost fourteen percent overall the stock market started out June on a positive note with the Dow gaining ninety one points to twenty five thousand four hundred seventy five the nasdaq up sixty two points to ninety five fifty two and the S. and P. gained eleven points to thirty fifty five on the money watch Jason Brooks KCBS tomorrow.

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