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Ball time Thank you very much The U.S. will open its borders to vaccinated foreign travelers on November 8th That's according to a White House official the move will expand travel options for those who have gotten their shots and clamped down on those who have not We're learning former president Bill Clinton is hospitalized in the ICU from a blood infection Clinton was admitted to the UC Irvine medical center Tuesday for sepsis according to a spokesperson but is reportedly doing well and is expected to be released from the hospital soon Doctor emran Ali a physician fellow at Mount Sinai health says that the case was likely called early and did not progress to any serious dangers for the former commander in chief And what I'm hearing from my sources in all he needed was some IV fluids to help with his blood pressure but his blood pressure was not dangerously low to be of any serious concern Doctor Ali spoke to ABC All eyes are on the FDA and CDC as discussion on Moderna's COVID-19 booster continues The FDA approved boosters for people who got the Moderna vaccine including for people over the age of 65 and adults at high risk however the CDC has to weigh in and have the final say President Biden signed legislation raising the debt ceiling but the measure only pays the federal government's bills into December which means we'll be seeing the back and forth among lawmakers in a few months If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling again in time the government could go into default Deputy treasury secretary Wally Al said Congress is obliged to make sure the spending lawmakers agree to get paid for It would be a catastrophe for the American economy and it's something that we expect Congress to increase as they've done on a bipartisan basis time and time again over the last several years and decades Deputy treasury secretary Wally adios spoke to ABC News prime Live from the Bloomberg interactive brokerage studios this is global news 24 hours a day on air and no one Bloomberg quick take Powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts to more than a 120 countries This is Bloomberg Tom Paul You know Michael I'm rampant it up for my full team coverage Red Sox Houston And I'm reading articles like getting to know the Houston roster Did they all come from Detroit Yes they did They left Detroit and then they went to Houston But by the way I want to say this good This is especially for you Sam Kennedy president and CEO of the Red Sox That's our guest on famous Over Fantastic sports Yeah I can't say enough about what he's done layering the rest of them and folks the most amazing thing for those of you worldwide And Michael I had the talk to Sam about this And the woman that I forget her name right now who did Camden yards and that was easy because she had to go in and rebuild Fenway while they were still standing still playing and the rest of it and architecturally engineering like it's been way underestimated True that I agree with you 10,000% Yeah Tonight at 7 We'll watch that The Detroit I mean the Houston has played against the Boston Red Sox is what I love busted Michael's job Particularly a weekend when the Lions lose again This is Bloomberg from New York Washington good morning Detroit This is a blue Hi my name is Joe And I'm a home decor over spender I made a breakthrough I found home since It's unreal So many brand names sofas I bought one It's okay The prices so low Lighting unexpected Rugs handcrafted Wall art eclectic I go back like every week No it's always different New unique decor Same great savings Every time you go Home sense Stand out pieces outstanding prices.

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