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Be truck patrick patrick findley from the sun times owned there's a reason to because the sunday paper because i'm the still buys the paper i've got today's sometimes year lena looks like a pamphlet i saw paper that small thomas paine was right i buy one on saturday it's like twenty five pages sunday's yeah that's almost comical while and there's there's bring one in from one thousand nine hundred four i have one in the bay we're going to compare the sizes of two of the jaren rebel it's beautiful it's a little bit difference but i'll be taller than it was wide yeah now it's wider than it is tall it's different shame patrick and adam johnson do a great job mark potash covering the bears and giving you all the information and let me your when when you were playing with the packers you're playing with jacksonville it was tough for jacksonville to bring in older players because you're playing with them because it was newer friend the newer franchise usually what happens you don't wanna bring anybody over thirty okay thirties that magic number i i went down twenty eight no no i don't mean to play out i mean to like with the bears veterans right but they do they've got mark brunell down there he's part of the organization jeff wogaman stays down there okay are they brought back freddie taylor in a in a row red frame listen television formed down there laga minute but sally are up there i mean they brought a lot of guys the packers do the same thing to talk to the younger players annual guys that we used to get up there i was there from ninety ninety one and ninety five so you know we'd see fuzzy thurston all the time sure bob's koran ski would come on by every once in a while bart would be back in paul warning would come back but nobody loves palm warning more than paul himself did he take all your wagers now he may have but he may have but no paul come back bringing back all of them would come back the guy that you should be on the flights all the time because you work for the pack report was rain itchy.

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