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By the corner of the backstop. And then he threw the ball to second base and threw it out into left center field. So Of course, the guy from third scored. But anyway, it's very, very knowledgeable. And, uh and he was a guy who did not. Get hurt very often. So it was very normal for him to get 550 over 600 plate appearances a season even though he was withstanding all that wearing terror of being a catcher, and I remember years ago Terry Kennedy when he was in Baltimore when I was doing the Baltimore Games He brought up Uh, Simmons and said, I think this guy should be in the Hall of Fame. I've never heard anybody say that before, but I I took notice because Kennedy was starting catcher and a good catcher in the game later with the Giants and And sure enough, here he is, so congratulations to him, and he deserves it, And it's high time that he got there. And Larry Walker. I guess we have time for maybe one more quick one, but Larry Walker, they said he was one of the best base runners ever. He didn't play a lot. He got hurt. But what a hitter and what a runner. I always thought that he was one of the outstanding players and he can kind of a bad records. His best years. All occurred when he played for the Colorado Rockies with the pre humidor. That was the greatest place in the the history of the game to hit. So, but he had already had some outstanding years in Montreal, and then later helped the Cardinals get to the World Series in 2004, and when he got traded there So just I mean, a great arm. A great outfielder. Gold Glover. Great baserunner power batting. He had all of it. So I do remember one of his most embarrassing games. A Sunday night game on national television. Joe Morgan and I were working. And it was Pedro Martinez first game back in L. A huge game for Pedro. He got traded to Montreal. And there was, I guess they were runners that I can't 1st and 2nd whatever it was, and there's a fly ball in foul ground along the right for your line, and Walker goes over, makes the catch. He sees a young kid. He says, Uh, here you go, young man, have a souvenir, and he hands him the baseball well, it's only the second out. And He starts to trot in and then he seizes..

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