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And improving his angle to order catch that pass from the baseline. Luzinski picks up his third foul Do Colin Down baseline, right? Jalen Johnson to trigger slaps. The basketball gets it down the more toward the right baseline. I'll throw it back out front to road cycle of the steward left wing pumping. The three dribbles inside the Ark jumper from 15 is good for to be J. Stewart has five in the ball game, and we're not enough. It's 37 apiece a little bit of a ball fake. It's Gray Davis off his feet. One dribble goes around the defender. Able to knock down the 12 footers Davis with it on the left side, it will toward the top of the key bouncing to Jones in the paint. The winners get around Jalen Johnson lost the ball going up and Going to say it went over top of the backboard. That's gonna be a turnover and give it to do whether it's trying to argue that he got fouled. Officials disagreed. Charles Midland checks in for Louisville Great Davis will have a seat and that's why it's a big You don't want to put the ball on the deck. Big man puts the ball on the deck. So DJ Stewart at 62 comes in gets a hand on it, which then causes him to lose it and they lose possession roads. Get it to Johnson about the right elbow turns faces up Johnson Leavitt for her troubles with right wing. He'll shoot the three from there. He's got it and Matthew hurt as 20 in the game, Duke back on top by 3 40 to 37. Matthew Hurt is really feeling that he has been a big part of the Duke offense. Today. He is eight of 10 from the floor. Here's David Johnson bounce in the middle of towards the left corner troubles inside the art up top to use Luzinski takes the past in Midland dribbles to the right side funds. Jones of the right quarter. Jones dribbling left into the paint, floats it up and drops into Charlie Jones, but just his second field goal of the game. 42 39 Blue Devils lead 17 39 remaining There's more on the right side Ruling against Lisinski down the baseline turns fades, fires from 10 ft and scores to Wendell Moore with five points due back on top 40 to 39. Luzinski is having a tough time on the defensive end right now. Inland up top Jones get into Johnson over to see Luzinski left side beyond the arc. They give him some room. Lisinski leaving for David Johnson Jab Step shoots the three over top of Hurt and Stripes. The jumper that'll tie the game and 42 is David Johnson. It's the left quarter three at a time out taken was 17 13 remaining.

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