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This is this is this is this isn't good. This is the happening which m nights, sham lamb, lamb ding-dong already. Did it's a quiet place, which John Christine ski already did if you were going to take a rip off of the happening and make it good. That's already been done. This was like a step down in backwards. Somehow. I don't know what the fuck that. It look worth a watch. Yes. But it is far from an original concept. I thought the execution overall in the movie was solid though. It felt silly is fuck at times like it's really hard to take it seriously when the. I mean, it's literally the description that I would give is the angel of death concept that humanity is being wiped from the earth by this this third party entity and the concept in the in the in the show is you can't look at it. Or you'll kill yourself in. All you have to do to get around. That's put on a blindfold and then resist. I just that's hard to take seriously enough. You know what I'm saying? It's like a quiet place never felt stupid or silly. I felt very heavy. The whole time you're watching it is dark as movie, and it just had weight to it felt more real. So I think this this whole bird box deals kinda going to serve as the red headed stepchild do a quiet place. I don't think this thing ever. I don't I don't see get nominated and stuff. It's getting a lot of hype. But I think that's all bullshit. Is this a scary movie? Does this movie scare you does this qualify? As a scary move. Or is it scarier? What do you think it's a post of pock elliptic scenario? I wouldn't call it a horror film. I would call it a if anything is psychological thriller, maybe a little bit more. I don't it's definitely not a horror film. It's it's like a post-apocalyptic psychological thriller sort of. Really? It's just blindfold forty five million. People watched it in its first seven days on Netflix. It's it is that seems pretty impressive. They're destroying. Everyone in this field of forty five million accounts had watched it. Yes, or cylinders? Here's the thing. The wrap your head raised. Yes. So this is the beauty of Netflix than I've started to kind of realize that they've they've the best content markets it self, right? Like, you don't even have the market, and they figured out more and more the angles on that on that type of content that's gonna market itself. Just like banish Nash did just like bird box did both of these both of these. I watched this weekend or nights twins as the middle. Nobody. No, no, one knows what fucking day it is in twenty nineteen right now if a few days ago is what I mean when I say the weekend I saw I watched both of these without ever having seen a fucking commercial about either one totally natural marketing through social media and through. That's it memes. Word of mouth, and it got me on both of them. So it's huge win as your question. Huge. I don't know. How you I'm always. Confused by net. Flicks is like business model in general. Okay. Has right now they have a hundred and thirty seven million subscribers that is fucking crates lot. Okay. But apparently, they're still like three billion negative in a cash flow situation. He I think he just making all of that was just for twenty eighteen they lost three billion dollars. How? So my question for you is do you think that there are people that saw these memes and read about Burbach and said I'm gonna win prescribed and net. Flicks. Some you think I guess that's the proof in the pudding. Yeah. I bet. I bet did they got a lift. I mean, that's the thing is if I start if we like us talking about it right now, extrapolate that out exponentially. And you've got what let's even if ten fucked out with one person signs up from listening to our show is like I got to watch this. I gotta get Netflix. I didn't have it before I'm insane. And then goes and gets networks. That's that's one extrapolate that out..

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