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For nine from fifty in two thousand seventeen four five last year, how many of those are indoors that matters. I know you're right. I gave her the outdoor kicks. He was I know. But then. Glossed over them and says say to me, I gave you those would. No, you didn't give me the okay? House or numbers from plus fifty last last year. I said this was kind of a silly cover. I really don't care if you want to bring in Matt Brian he was three or four from fifty plus outdoors last we're at Fifty-seven was his long. I gotta go week by week at. I know. Make you dizzy right now. For four from fifty yards outdoors last year, including a fifty seven yards. Awesome. Where okay, I don't have to pull out the game. I'm not being critical on just asking for information. He kicks at Tampa at Carolina at Green Bay. At Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Eyesores truthful, Pittsburgh artist place. Depends. Also when you kick, right? That's why you have to do research on he made his only forty seven yard or in Pittsburgh, less saying maller is you're risking continuing to ride the kicker carousel. If you sign a forty four year old. Do you don't wanna meteorite stuff goes wrong with forty four year old football player completely? Right. But like who else are right now is is out there that you want. Do you want Robbie gold is that like I want, you know, where I wanna I wanna find a good college kicker. I mean, I yelled at for wanting to draft a kicker in the fifth or sixth round if he's good got. Brian. Everyone can you feel solutions? You just because we all know, we're cutting Cody parkey, right? You say we have no solutions. But I said, look I'm looking for.

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