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Else? I just announced a cool project today for my coffee shop Smith canteen in Brooklyn. We are calling it the green canteen project ready, and we are going single, use plastic free by January first twenty nineteen. That means no more single. Use plastic cups, lids utensils, takeout containers, I, it's kind of crazy. I know it, but I think we can do it and we're gonna learn. A lot, and we figure January, I was reasonable time line. You know, we didn't want to come back after Labor Day and say to all our all of our guests, guess what? No more no more plastic cups. But we're also going to be doing an audit of all our front and back of house procedures to make sure we're being as green as possible, and I'm working on it with Joey polio, our director of operations and Gabby Figaro our culinary director and Baker who you've heard before on radio cherry bomb. I want us to be the greenest coffee shop in America in America. Why? Not? Right in America. Really? Brooklyn. I wanted to be the greenest coffee shop in Brooklyn, but. America. I'll take that to, you know, one of the real reasons we're doing it is I just couldn't handle the guilt over all the plastic anymore. You know, if you follow me on Instagram, you know, I do beach cleanups every now and then and my brother's a huge environmentalist but the plastic situation was really just making me super depressed. So I hope we can make some change if you don't already carry a reusable Cup, please consider it. This is not a paid endorsement, but I love my keep Cup. It's glass, but it's very sturdy and practical, and I use it for hot and cold coffee. So b. y. o. c. bring your own Cup. And if you know anyone who is an expert in the plastic free space or if you want to talk best practices just DM me. I've a lot to learn about all of this, but I'm committed to making change. We are also looking for some environmentally-minded baristas. So if that's you or you know any get in touch, I would love to talk to you. So speaking about committed to change, today's guest is chef. Tracy, deja, Dan, and she is a major change agent on the San Francisco scene. Chef, Tracy is passionate about women's place in the industry imigrants place in the industry sustainability, the city of San Francisco and much more. She has seven restaurants in San Francisco, including her famous flagship. I'm going to get the pronunciation of this correct jargon year end. Her latest project is school night, a collaboration with the Pearl event space. She was a.

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