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Brady tom like in europe and he'll work at with anthony cross cross there was a monster the face up circle but they win it here it cook shot from the line is blocked picked up gathered in by emily heavily shot in front shave rebound second bid also shut down to the puk squeaks the near quarter site where it's picked up in a penalty coming up right in front of the net it is early and i think it's a roughing call and i believe it's against arizona state it is it's going to be joy rats going in and great job i've been through charron you know sometimes smallest guy that ends up being that faruk prisons baker chehreh five seven hundred seventy five pound standing at the top of the crease rats got away with the first crosschecked they got him on the second one kutschera does the penalty and airforce is on the power play first penalty of this game it's the usa a powerplay usa a we know what it means to serve on the season they are three for fifteen and every time they score powerplay goal they win the only game they did not score a powerplay goal as saturday they went a one one draw with alaska fairbanks the powerplay goal scores the season or cook baskin and kutschera last night you started the scoring in the game you're comes boji dodgy can darting in left circle a shot at the car kicked out else smartly to the corner why underway is d slur within it to assist last night takes out to the circle drops it along for boji you'll play it out to let produce manning the right point it over the left side it's mac use into the lineup good patch across the lead for moving it back across the mackie was drifting toward the net and now knocks it around behind produce ler near circle aesthetic plastic sheets yes i didn't take long and it's one nothing air boy sixty eight seconds into the period let's remember pink who chairs the guy that drew that penalty it led to the powerplay goal baskin second of the weekend his third of the season great puk movement by air force they what bodies in front they got basket in front in the failed kim's go up one zero in this one one for one on the.

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