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I'm Elliot Francis. Four Senate Republicans now plan to vote with Democrats the block President Trump's declaration of a national emergency. Linda Kenyon has the latest. They say their opposition to the president's action has nothing to do with Trump's border wall. Instead, they say it's about the constitution. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. Couldn't agree more. Congress has the power of the purse. Congress is a check on the executive the Republicans who plan to break ranks and oppose the president say they cannot stand idly by while he you serves the role of congress and ignores the constitution Senator Schumer agrees on the constitutional argument. President Trump promises to veto the resolution of disapproval sending the matter back to congress for a veto override vote. Linda Kenyon, Washington Oakland, thousands of teachers are back in their classrooms after a union. Members voted to approve a contract agreement that provides pay raises the Oakland unified school district ratified the agreement during a a meeting Monday. Giving educators. Eleven percent raises at one time. Bonus of three percent. A search and rescue efforts resume this morning after tornadoes word through Alabama Sunday packing. One hundred seventy mph winds. Sean Wilson survived that ordeal already knew I could hear the roaring coming nearing. But at that moment. That's when you heard the house just being torn apart. But it even seconds right of seconds after that. Everything started president honest because we were in the bathroom. We were together. We all got pushed down flat. We will like dominoes on top of each other son was on top of me is a mom. I don't wanna die. Don't wanna die. I said son just pray your way through a judge has approved a request by attorneys for Kevin Spacey to preserve more phone records in the sexual assault case against the actor judge approved preserving electric records between the alleged victim, former girlfriend..

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