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K. F. P. K. as the snow falls in a high seer we're gonna head out and check on the role throughout the valley and the mountains with Mister Brian noble yeah we do have some treacherous conditions of the high country so you will need change if you want to get over Donner summit on I eighty or echo summit on highway fifty this reports right by nature valley sweet and salty bars eighty from Roseville not to battle flowing around green back partly due to an accident just before Madison though everything is over on the shoulder Roseville to the split eleven minutes past what westbound on the cap city freeway now the nine gets you to downtown if you're making the trip in from elk Grove on I five it's thirteen minutes from elk Grove Boulevard to downtown however south of that on the southbound side of by Bible before hood Franklin got an accident a vehicle wound up on its roof getting the the conflicting information from C. H. P. regarding whether or not anything is black but I can tell you're gonna have to slow down just before you get to elk Grove Boulevard there's a look you lose slow down on the northbound side as well getting hit that about half way between Lambert road in hood frankly if you're coming in from elk Grove on ninety nine got some pockets of slowing along the way eighteen minutes to downtown fifty still full speed all the way in Folsom that's an eighteen minute drive from within and I. five year twenty one sixteen if you make the commute from Davis right now if you love nature valley sweet and salty bars you'll love the new sweet and salty minis it's all of the indulgent savory goodness you know now in a smaller size and that one hundred calories snacking never been so sweet new nature valley sweet and salty minis traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons right no pulls news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. was this sunny today with highs in the mid fifties partly cloudy with lows in the mid thirties in the valley tomorrow mostly cloudy in the morning highs in the low fifties with a chance.

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