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Adult language and may not be suitable for all listeners. In fact the whole talk about the history of a word that can immediately offend or make us cringe. How did things get this way. What's the story behind a four letter. Word. i'm purposely not saying in this intro. Caitlyn twenty twenty talk from fedex. University of glasgow is a fascinating history. I a warning as far as offensive words go. You are now entering a hard hat area. We're going to be unabashed in this. I am talking to you about a very particular word of a powerful word. Very see you next tuesday word. I love this word. All my i love everything about this word. Not just what it signifies but the actual actual sound of it the fact that the sea and the tea just just cushion sound into this mono-syllabic that you can just spit like a bullet or you can extend out roll around your mouth coon. I live at dexterity. I love the fact the in scotland. It's a term of endearment but in america it's horrendously offensive elite. Means something different with your friends than it does. If he said it to your boss it would probably cost you your job. I do not recommend it. I love this word. I love the fact that the first three letters are still the same chalice shape old rolling for the word to. Let's stop explosive t at the end. I think the thing. I love most about it. Is it status as the nastiest of all nasty words. Although that title is under some contention other other obvious heavyweight contenders for the most offensive word the n. word for example. But here's what i would say to you. I know why that word is offensive. I can look at the history. That word enabled the brutalization and racial genocide of entire group of people it played its part in dehumanizing black people what did can't do does it not strike. Anyone else is odd that a word that just means the vulva could even be regarded. The same league of offense is the n. word are we saying. that vulgar's evatt offensive..

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