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Store for today? Well, preview it next. Loosen up those joints and muscles. It's time for your 7 45 stretch. Peter schlereth and Evans with a biggest story in Denver sports. Well, the biggest story today is to cut day. Uh, for the Denver Broncos. And we await to see what they end up doing. And a lot of debate yesterday about a guy like mckelvin a gene. Who really bawled out in the final preseason game, and I heard the argument posed why have these games, if you're not going to take what a guy does like that and it'd be enough to make the team. How do you weigh that balance between, hey, this guy really, really. He was arguably our best player in that preseason game. How do you weigh that versus all the other stuff that you've been evaluating this guy on for the last several months? Well, I think, I mean, I think you have to look at the totality of the work, right? And say, hey man, I need consistency. I think one of the things that people don't really understand, like fans don't really understand, is flash in the pan, like that lack of consistency of flashing the pan will eventually get you fired as a coaching staff. The guy needs somebody who is going to show up every day who's going to work the same every day who's going to make plays because those guys, you know what those guys are going to do, they're flash every now and again, but if they're consistent, what you can have is a dude that just gets trucked in practice. A guy that just makes mistake after mistake. And then all of a sudden, he has one game where it looks like the lights go off. It more comes down to Mike as we need to not lose games. That will go back to drew lock, not to bash on drew lock. You love bashing on drew. Go ahead. I'm not going to bash. This is not, but this is lynch's sitting back right now going, wow, you're harsh. Right? The point being is that, yeah, you see one big play. Yeah, you see, you know, you see a big throw. Yeah, he's all arm talent and what if, but then what you don't see is, hey, you missed the blitz pickup. Hey, you got flushed out of a pocket where we had somebody to pick that guy up. And hey, you ended up throwing an interception because you didn't understand the coverage. Those things get you, those things cost you football games. And so yeah, we had the one big game and that opens your eyes and you sit there and say, as a coach, you did. This is what's hard. Man, that was awesome. Why can't we get that out of them every day? But what if it's a ha moment? What if it's okay? He figured it out. And now he's, he's ready to roll. This kind of performance is his breakthrough moment. Yeah, and what if he was just playing against a guy that had no idea what the other side? That's what I'm saying. I think that's the other thing you look at, hey, against the teamwork against Dallas or against us, he just hasn't been that exceptional. So is that just the one matchup where he was going to be here's the good news for him is he was a third round draft choice. That's a guy you expect to at the very least make your team and be a rotational player. Somebody that you can count on if you're going to invest a third round pick, that's where your team, let's face it. That's where your teams are built. Second, third, fourth round, 5th round, even. The first rounders, they come with a, they come with a hit or miss proposition to a degree. Because the expectations are really high. And you get a 6 or 7th round and makes your team, man. I mean, even today, Terrell Davis, 6th rounder, who almost walked away from a game in Japan, made one special teams hit. Now he's in the Hall of Fame. It's the great story. It's just even more proof that we just do not need we didn't need four preseason games. We don't need three preseason games. Listening to Chad Brown talk about it, how they talk to George Peyton during the course of the broadcast and George is out there saying basically we've already made up our minds. So if they've already made up their minds, going into the third preseason game, which you've already shortened the preseason, then let's just do away with it and get it down to two preseason games or even I know they'll never get rid of the preseason games because it is a chance to make money. But even Greg penner, Greg penner, who's been owning or running the Broncos for 5 minutes, he was asked what he's learned and his observations of owning an NFL team over the last few weeks. He said, well, the preseason does drag on a little bit. Guys, a novice to the whole football thing and he can even recognize right away. Wow, this drags on a little bit. Right. But this crypto. Joint practices, fine, have a couple of preseason games, but two preseason weeks, 18 regular season games. Let's just, let's go. And that may happen because it's all money in tradeoff, right? And the big thing that you have to understand, and I'm not talking about the Broncos because we've got big pockets as our owner. So, I mean, we're in great shape there. But there are a lot of franchises since the ads of the world, they don't operate that way. Their ownership doesn't have that kind of money, right? They're not multi billionaires over and over. So they do rely on the pre season to make money as an organization. And what you have to understand about the preseason is, hey, if you're a season ticket holder, you have to buy the preseason tickets. Those are the same, the Gates, the same, the parking is the same, the concessions are the same, that you know it's not the same. How much money goes out the door. You're not paying players. I think this is a great time to remind everyone. Right. NFL players, they get a per diem during the course of a thousand bucks a week or so. Veterans get, I think what I read was veterans get about $400 a day. And rookies, first, second year guys get 225 bucks a day. Yeah, so you're making it's 400 bucks a day. You're making 2028, whatever it is, right? Let's call it, let's call it 2000 bucks a week now. So instead of paying Aaron Rodgers, one 17th of 50 million. Right, right. You're paying them $2000 for the week, right?

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