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More from the island is NewsRadio. Fifties John Hewitt. The conservatory is the latest on the list for an upgrade as a nearly two million dollar renovation project is underway. Structural assessment was completed the conservatory this year and last year as they are wrapping up their report determined that the Twenty-one steel trusses that hold up the dome in the palm house need to be replaced within the year because of daycare terrier -ation to the steel. That's Amanda Treadwell with the DNR which completed that engineering study that led to the renovation work beginning which is expected to run through next April. As a result, the conservatory dome will be closed during that time, but the north and south wings, and the show house will remain open to visitors on weekends from Belle isle. John Hewitt, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty about ten thousand volunteers taking part in an annual beautification effort on Detroit's west side today. The work will be. Inducted in the neighborhood surrounding central academy and high school rarely there's something for everybody that they're about what your skills are. What your experiences you just have to be fourteen years of age, and we're going to be doing like removing white planting trees, planted Perennials building bus shelters. And if you don't wanna do physical labor, you come out and hand out lunch. Chris Lambert's is the founder and chief executive of life remodeled. The group organizing these sixty effort covering three hundred city blocks. Now, it's time for update for the Paris motor show. Sponsored by. I. Ford is already said most of the impact of its ongoing restructuring will be overseas. And there have been reports that as many as twenty four thousand jobs could be cut here in Europe. You Bill Ford speaking last week couldn't comment on that. Or give any specifics of a joint venture with Volkswagen's dual-track one is we.

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