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On probation and allowed to work with kids again, sue Romero, KOMO news. We've reached out to the local boy scouts for comment. So far, we have not heard back. Governor Jay Inslee today. Signed a Bill. To help rape victims, according to the international association of forensic, nurses. No more than fourteen to seventeen percent of emergency rooms in this country have full access to rape kits and providers trained to collect DNA evidence. This will help sexual victims to get the care. They need to these tests conducted anytime remand rape victims have shared stories of going the hospitals in major metro areas, including Seattle only to be told they do not carry sexual assault evidence kits. This legislation will require the medical center to carry rape kits or assist victims with finding a nearby facility that does have them and provide are trained in that kind of evidence collection. A woman was shot in the face into comas marine park early this morning. Komo's Lee stole has the story was about twenty years old was out with a group of people in the thirty four hundred block of rust and in ways, you know, this area that is where marine park is just before three thirty this morning. Someone drove up and started shooting at them. We're told. There wasn't any kind of altercation or fight leading up to that. The woman was shot in the face. She was taken to the hospital in someone's car. We're told she seems to be okay. She is alert and talking to people who are around her. That's komo's Lee stole police have not caught the shooter, and they have not released a description of that person. Governor Jay Inslee today signed several bills into law that were championed by gun control groups during the legislative session. Komo's Carleen Johnson reports one of the bills governor Inslee signed today. Prohibits three D printed. Untraceable firearms is changed will prevent people who are prohibited. From otherwise, possessing firearms from being able to legally manufacture them where they are untraceable and their undetectable Dave workman. But the second amendment foundation says that Bill in particular is pointless. Some criminal is going to go out and spend thirty five hundred dollars on a three D printer that I think that the starting just to make a gun that is good for maybe two or three shots when they could go out and steal again that doesn't really make a lot of sent gun. Responsibility says the twenty thousand nine session was their most successful ever with ten pieces of legislation. They backed becoming law. Carleen johnson. Komo news. Talks are exhilarating in the other Washington about an actual plan that would tax drivers by the mile skulls. Brian Calvert tells us the momentum for a national plan is coming from states, like Washington democrat Pramilla giant, Paul told members of the house transportation committee this week that everyone understands the gas tax is unsustainable. She's urging a road user fee alongside her Oregon counterpart Peter defazio, who's chair of the committee even Sam graves. The committee's top ranking Republican likes this idea, and what's not to like from their perspective. They need money for roads and infrastructure and more. Efficient cars and electric vehicles are eating into the revenue stream flowing from the federal and state gas staff paying.

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