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Reasons and he really was curious plays either seem amol or Cuevas NEX much is still going on. Despite it being passed but night. Yes they see either. One of those shoes is going to be trickshot. Trick shop tastic. Isn't it because simone is a bull massage and he will just keep going forever and it kind of feeds curious. I think it could be quite tricky. Faquir your secret as a little bit about Easter Agoo and Cuevas is is just another trick. Shot artist so L. Nisha Cuevas trick show guy. He Beats Federer in the Women Online poll for best I shot of the decade one of the many lists and Jason. Yes but I mean federal was. I was winning all the Internet polls over the over the winter and he can even be have claimed that g key if it's the G. key polio. Firing T- it's singlehandedly made an absolute ridicule obsolete ridicule if the concept of polls polls. It was better than my east. He's not clearly not most Irish Timothy Channel. Nine my Shin High Fighting back on volley against humor. Wasn't that good. I mean before we get back to the the proper tennis burlington slamming breaks today and breaks verses. Robots is on very much. Sean this four nine losing streak despite spied for win but then I showed footage of robots verses law and he started look just a little bit nervous. Can we just supposed the move onto robot against the crooks instead because that sounds like it'd be more competitive ready to cut out breaks out the middleman middleman bashing lose. But I haven't got my racket. I've got Simon Spare which apparently has factory strings things which are almost broken. Too early matches today. Count in applicable. Chrysanthemum identified six one seven five slightly disappointing almost got going five then. Didn't Donovan Absolutely. What flow and Maria Sharapova which which rather disappointed me from a prediction standpoint but goodness she was impressive are safe? And that was pretty. Ominous from Sharapova. I'm not saying she can't get going be the problem is she. Clearly needs repetition of matches and the body keeps breaking down when she tries to play matches or she loses and so she doesn't get any. He's won three matches since last year's Australian Open just not good enough to compete at the top level. Three's full rebuild and isn't it needs to going down to maybe international level or and beating Lower Grade Plaza but she can't stay fit so you know how you GonNa do that so actually it just felt to me as I may be. She might be realizing well she said off to the Mat. She didn't know if she'd it'd be back here. She also said that she doesn't intend to play the Olympics and signed up they will team. Tennis Period where the Olympics will be played Slow slightly strange. Because she wouldn't she wouldn't. She's a way of qualifying the Olympics. Fix My no well. Cards are available. She's not a particularly rosy relationship with the audience so Yeah it'd be surprised but I mean if she's I do know is she is she thinking about. You've how she wants to retire and and do you. You think should be able to you know. She struggling to any matches at the moment is it. Do you think she's going to be able to sue descriptive retirement. I'm good question. I don't know I I often try and think about this with certain players Wozniak. He's method of retirement of announcing it ahead of time and having coming coming into this knowing she'll get a great send off at a tournament that she won. I not surprised in the least about that I think federal I probably have a lap of owner effectively But I'm not sure about shop either and that same topic came up today. We Joe for some guy. I heard the as you've already referenced. The many French radio journalist sitting around saying that Sanga apparently he's kind of spoke today publicly a little bit about retirement for the first time to the French. Press saying that he really wants to retire on his own terms. Obviously but he's coming. Come to the realization that actually. What's more likely to happen is that his body is going to determine it for him because he had to retire today against an actually popper in and and he's been really struggling with injuries past few years? It's quite sad. Isn't it when you see that and plays that. Just the body doesn't cope anymore with what they're asking of of it and Songa decide let taken so you know. His body in a way has been his greatest strength on the core what he was able to do with it diving around all the place and you to think that that is gone is really quite sense. Plays in later life in their fifties sixties sixties. And some of them. You know a really struggling to get around and you wonder with some of these players given what they're asking their bodies what they'll be like Kim nightlife as well. This tournament is just synonymous with him. I remember it's the first time I ever saw him play. He played erotic and he had the most incredible bowl. tie-break about nineteen seventeen tie break in the first set and it was. You saw the explosiveness you saw the athleticism. This would be maybe twelve months before we had the run to the final hair and then when he had the run to the final here and let's not forget he absolutely thrashed Rafael Nadal in the semi. They finally throw them around like a rag doll and he was going into the net and he was doing diving volleys and as you said he was such an exciting player In his in his heyday and I think you slightly forget it. I mean he's still good to watch but he was so exciting about that. And I I I kind of feel.

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