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Do something. It's people talk rotates. What's waiting for you at home that you'd like to see the most after three days in an airport? The wow air flight on the departure board is still listed as on time and the self serve kiosks are still working, but they won't get you anywhere at Logan. Karyn regal WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio one person who is in the sky way up in the sky. Nasa, astronaut and McLean, currently she's stationed on the international space station and last night. She took part in the traditional greeting between the ISS children's hospital in providence since two thousand sixteen residents. Police officers and local businesses have participated in these so-called good night lights event. That's when astronauts China Light toward the Hasbro children's hospital at eight thirty PM right before bedtime children's shine lights back in return. And speaking of space, we might have a job for, you know, not going into space. But if you love a long lazy morning in bed. Here's your job Bassa and the European Space Agency or offering nineteen thousand dollars to those who are willing to spend sixty consecutive days lying in bed. The study is looking for twelve men and twelve women to spend two months lying in bed at the German, aerospace centre in Cologne. Researchers say they're aiming to analyze the effects of long space flights on astronauts bodies to destinations like Mars. Participants will also spend a total of nineteen days preparing and recovering from the bed portion of the study of the house is said to be weeks away from voting on a Bill that would protect state legal cannabis businesses for federal intervention congressman Jim McGovern says the house rules committee, which he chairs will look at the bipartisan states act legislation within the next few weeks. If it passes the Senate would exempt state legal marijuana companies from the federal controlled substances act McGovern says he thinks the Bill Willie's Lee passed the committee and the full house, and he has faith it can get through. The senate. Meantime, another cannabis related vote in the house today means the cannabis industry is one step closer to working with banks. Details on that from business reporter Jason Brooks piece of legislation for the cannabis industry is moving through the political pipeline. The House Financial Services committee passed these secure and fair enforcement banking act, which would allow banks to work with illegal cannabis industry. Financial institutions are not currently allowed to work with the cannabis industry, forcing those companies to mostly operate in cash while the Bill easily passed the house committee, and is receiving strong support as it heads for a full house vote. It's receiving less enthusiasm in the Senate. Meantime, the non psychoactive cannabis compound CBD is gone, mainstream and lotions and sprays and now drugstores CBS. Jennifer Brown explains. Green stores in select states will start selling CBD products has all you need to go further than Instagram people. Swear, the ham base. Creams are great for aches and pains. A Walgreens spokesman says they're making an effort to sell a wider range of health and wellness products. CVS also carries CBD's skin-care in seven states back in December President Trump gave the thumbs up for him to be. Farmed on a larger scale giving the cannabis business a major boost. Jennifer Brown's CBS news for now. At least Vermont is the only New England state where Walgreens will sell those products. Smart. Speakers are bringing radio back into the home station forms a home better than. Newsradio. While you cook. While you clean, and whatever you do in between live and local reporting on everything that matters to that place. While you're there 'til your score speaker to play WBZ NewsRadio on iheartradio. Breaking story as if you were there for most son hair base, where we just moments ago the questions, you you.

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