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Clouds and sun high ninety partly to mostly cloudy tonight showers swim around seventy four clouds and sun tomorrow warming you shower sturman spots i eight eight partly sunny hot and humid monday ninety very warm and sticky on tuesday clouds son and a couple of afternoon or evening showers and heavier storms eighty seven seventy three degrees right now fair we are going up to yes ninety in midtown wins news time eight oh seven governor of kentucky's getting schooled on social media after people in west louisville took offence at a facebook post about a school visit matt bevins' made these comments with video of african american kids playing chess i'm here at the titty academy i'm about to go in and meet the members of the west louisville chess club not something you necessarily would have thought of when you think of this section of town the city councilman who represents that section of town called that perpetrating a stereotype of the african american community posters on facebook weren't sure if it was racist or classes but they agreed it was tactless the governor spokeswoman defended the video and called the controversy disappointing no more papa john's papa john's pizza chain ads or at yankee stadium where the team is suspended its relationship with the company the chain's founder is talking about his use of speaking for the first time since admitting to using the n word on a conference call john schneider says the comment was taken out of context pushed me ended up stuffy here and i just said listen to other people use that word i don't and will not use that word and people of papa john's don't use that and that was the that was the comment papa john's has cincinnati they're taking schneider's image off all marketing materials the university of louisville has also removed the company's name from their football stadium correspondent haley hanson well just remember where some sunscreen to today is new york city body paint day that's exactly what it sounds like people will paint up and head out for word organizers call a celebration of.

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