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And dependable forecast i'm cvs to meteorologist danielle gersh gain extend seventy newsradio san clemente in sixty eight this morning or find seven again in lancaster this wanna get seventy three degrees seventeen aquinas could see some flooding in newport as high tides are expected to come ashore tonight the verdict at the sandbags there on the belbow peninsula it's been flooding over the past few days theory of twenty six and thirty eight national weather service meteorologist mark maybe tells canucks and there there's a potential for more flooding the next couple of evenings rolls high tides around seven feet and on top of that we've got a south swell coming in and that's going to bring some elevated serve and so the high tides combined with the above average surf will put some minor title overflow into those low line club prone areas city says it's already pumped water back to the ocean and fixed a broken tide gate valve the contributed some the flooding pair opens today it's about farmers the first thing you'll see when you walk through the main gates of the fair are three sixteen foot tall murals honoring local farmers and ranchers of the twenty eighteen uc various free your inner farmer that's terry moore with the fair who tells knx they'll be saluting farmers in several ways including some fancy refreshments awesome cocktails and mock tales i think some people are actually calling them crop tales which are garden to shakur beverages the folks who are concocting these are going out to our centennial firm and picking fresh herbs and vegetables and fruit to put in these cocktails which should be super refreshing a great way to beat the heat too if you're lucky you might catch the peterson farm brothers real life singing farmers from kansas who are a big hit on youtube diane thompson knx ten seventy newsradio five nineteen knx the savings.

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