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Your favorite memory of of this of your time in the sport. I do not share that. But in terms of my favorite memory of working on this i would have to say it is It is when we were in new york for usc to forty four and so this was the belt menu. We did it. Peter rosenberg did a radio show at this irish bar or something Just a couple blocks away from asking square garden. And i was just really fun just because it was just one of those interactive moments where you have people coming out to see you there. They were there to watch your live radio show in action before the fight. Think of all the brazilian things. There were two new york city at that time and they came to to spend the time with us when we interact with fans. That's that duffy stands out in. That was also my first fight. Ever that i've ever been to that night. And i was hanging out with peter rosenberg watching the fights from from up top. That was a lot of fun. And i miss going to find. I know you do as well But it's i definitely think you doing in my life. Yeah you had a great run there. You went to to forty four to forty five to forty six that's That's a pretty koby news. Money saw connor and sironi the following month. We did the live show in in las vegas which was huge. And you are a big part of as well Yeah that new york shows fun. I miss that even more so than the actual events. I miss the interaction with the fans. The buzz beforehand. The crazy you People that want to take pictures and talk to you. Get your prediction like just all the stuff that makes being an anime fan fund. I miss all of that as well and I will miss you. But i appreciate everything that you've done I am certain our our paths will cross again in the future but for now i bid you adieu. Thank you for all your great work and don't be a stranger. My friend alright. So there there is the one and only tst who would like to say one last thing before i let him go. Go ahead yes Thank you again. You've been everyone knows you go. So thank you. it's been great working with you. And the whole team shot to new contessa in the whole crew. In dc minimalism I do want to say one more thing though. So i'm going out to colorado for the next couple of months and i need some friends to watch fights with so if there's any listeners out here that are in the denver area in one invite me over for the two pay per views in march. Hit us up. Find the on instagram or twitter. Whatever reuters Love to hang this socially distanced. Of course her is it Underscore farkas are underscore artists. Or my podcast. The trial or talk about minimalist name. You're just plugging podcasts. Are you kidding me. All right that is enough of. Utsa t thank you very much for everything. We appreciate you very much. We appreciate our guests as always sage. Dan hooker dominant cruz max hallway. Thank you very much of them. And of course. I appreciate before continuing to rate download. Subscribe in review. These things are very important. Believe it or not they seem inconsequential.

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