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Handle on the law. And there is bought Ed. The remains of missing college student from Gano have been found buried in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City. Police chief. Mike Brown says a man murdered MacKenzie Luek and then tried to hide the body by setting a fire after an exhaustive week investigation. We are filing charges of aggravated murder aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of Justice and desecration of a body. Investigators have still not said how the accused killer and Luek knew each other. The man was arrested yesterday morning. Investigators say cellphone records show the two men in a park a week and a half ago. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news winter and a cool spring, have given way to predictions of a fiery fall. I like Honey fire. Chief, Daryl AVI says he's expecting larger fires to earn between fifteen hundred and five thousand acres toward the end of summer around Tober, member December. We start in this region having our Santa, Ana wind events. And that's when we are most concerned about the significance of wildfire. Fires. Fire officials are asking people to make sure brush is cleared from around their homes. Fire officials also say, everyone should have a plan to evacuate. If the time comes governor newsome's trying to kill a lawsuit who's trying to end a long running federal challenge to California's lethal injection process, arguing it's no longer valid because of his moratorium on executions, so long as he's an office death penalty opponents don't like the state's plan to use a single powerful drug instead of three a group in favor of the death. Penalty says the case should be dismissed even though the law is still on the books despite the governor's decision and could one day resume. Erin bender KFI news..

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