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Happy seventy fifth birthday to Joni Mitchell did a big birthday celebration for her recently. And she's been out of the public eye for a little while with some health related issues, but she did attend. Me always top of mind. Such a big hit that she had back in the day. She says she thought of it originally though as a throwaway song, but it turned out to be her biggest hit ever this whole help situation. Mike, I've got to be honest with you. I've got this thing going on at the house of where they're not fire ants. But these weird keep coming in my kitchen, and I keep it sugar answer. Whatever right. It's so annoying. Right. So I have been battling these guys all time for what feels like forever. But really only a month or two and as soon as I clear amount of one spot they find another spot to come in. And I have been googling looking for help. But I would point where I just need to call in an exterminator and figure it out. They're not a threat to my home. They're just annoying me. And I need to call whatever the guy is and just say, okay, help me and you handle it. Do you ever have clients that come into your office and kind of feel the same way, but about their money they've tried all this on their own they're frustrated, and they just say Mike team. Can you help me, and we do, but it's I usually different reasons. Right. And they don't call me about ants obvious Tuesday. Yeah. But I mean, there's a few things I can think of I mean number one would be I think a lot of people have been listening to a radio show for a long time. And so we might get a call from someone that says, hey, listen, I've been working with somebody for a long time. And I just don't feel like things are going the right way. And sometimes people are unsure they like, well, they might be going the right way. But I don't feel like they're going the right way. So I would really just like to come sit down and get a second opinion. And just see what you think. So we'll do a lot of that. But usually they're maybe just not super happy with their current relationship. And maybe returns aren't what they think they should be. You know, they watch the news and the hear about markets, and then they go back, and they look at their account and things don't seem to add up or a lot of times. It's just lack of communication a lot of financial advisers out there and just don't communicate with their clients. Right. And I know this because people tell me this all the time in the office. They say he listen, the only time I feel like I hear from my financial adviser is when I pick up the phone and call them. I mean, I get a lot of financial advisers. Maybe they aren't that communicative. It's hard to say. But you know, we reach out. Our clients every week not with a phone call. I mean, they get Email from us every week. I urge our clients to come sit down with us on a quarterly basis. I like communicating with their clients, I try to reach out and calls as often as possible. But I don't know hundred percent of the time when my clients want to hear from us or don't so I don't want to bother them. But I want to make them very where like listen anytime. You wanna come sit down come sit down another thing. You know, people are just insecure with just transitioning into retirement with that. Right. So please help me tiring. My money isn't a 4._0._1._K or a four zero three b or at ESP account, and I need to put these pieces together have to connect the dots on how exactly do I transition from working to retirements that that's a big help thing that we do. And we put together that financial plan on that road map and show people exactly how much they can pull out of their portfolio an exactly how to take care of the tax situation and just how to invest it. So they don't run out of money throughout retirement. I think the third one would be, you know, helped me just because I've never actually worked with a financial advisor never had one people have relate. Ships where that relationship is is probably with their corporate financial plan, which might be just the 4._0._1._K, and they've only ever talked to somebody over the phone to ask questions, or maybe they're, you know, relationship with their financial planners through the internet because it just log onto the internet to check things out. And and and they're now they're they want some FaceTime financial advisor. And they want help piecing all that together. It's critically important. And the answer is. Yes, people call say helped me that's really what we're here for answers. It's okay. It's as we can only answer so many questions on the radio, but people calling up and asking those questions, and again, 'cause now if you have questions if if we've jogged something in your mind, and you're just like, hey, I need to know about this gives us go. We're happy to answer that maybe it's about our MD's, which we're going to address a little bit more in depth right now or fees are risk versus return something to do with a 4._0._1._K. Maybe it's a pension the options. Yeah. There anything related to your portfolio. If you're fifty and older and lift here in Florida, you can get that help from Mike and his team Talon wealth management. Give them a call. They can give you some insight off the air and set up a time to sit down with you one on one and have a conversation to.

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