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Does a u turn on soldiers field road in front of me well i'm screaming at the guy the guy didn't even have this the brains to drive into the parking lot and turn around in the parking lot and come out and i'm thinking to myself if this was done to a person who wasn't maybe as alert as i was you would have had a head on collision on soldiers field road and i was really tempted i was really tempted to get out and try to do something but i thought to myself you know you gotta keep a cool i let him no i know but i called in as many expletive deleted as came to mind he could have killed himself and killed someone else and when i looked at his face i'm going i'm now a side of him and he just a jerk so that's just one one is too bad there wasn't a state police trooper there that guy anyway that's that's driving in massachusetts everybody that's driving just driving to work on a beautiful early spring night the roads well led the road is dry and all of a sudden this moron does a u turn in a four lane two lanes in each direction thanks mark let me get that off my chest and it that guy's listening tonight if i ever see you again there could be problems simple and i don't want to do a joe biden here but that's how i felt he put my life in the life of other people in danger by an absolutely stupid move people are driving like it's a race lately have you noticed saying it's like they're in a race to get that and i'm not i'm not in favor of that but but to do you turn on normally doing about forty miles an hour on that road and do do we uturn on social field road video game now they're oblivious they just my favorite word plates mark view eulogised oh if this was groucho marx groucho marx had your favorite word the magic word they bring the duck down the bolivia's olivia's my favorite word so many people are oblivious mark i love you call we'll talk soon okay have a great weekend six we are energized tonight it's friday i'm energized six one seven two five four ten.

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