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Let's start with your third star and it went to press forward frederic guterro who had one goal to shots complete thirteen oon your second star what to the from roman you'll see who had one goal three points six shots he was a plus two of played 23 thirty six and you're number one star what to the goaltender yep the netminder of the natural predators such pekka arena who stopped twenty seven of twenty a piece of allcomers rubber the king his way to no way yo she should be the number one stock or unify agree yes a mini was a stand out tonight in all aspects of the game and paced away in the leadership and get some back in the series all right let's take a look at the series with the penguins veteran game three they've been able to come back themselves but the at the laker predator served notice here that you'd better beware guys because were worrier on werner series right now and having to get tough not yet they're not going to give it to you and not just going to play average they're gonna bring their absolute best on monday night i just a couple things and gene on no shots on goal and this powerplay which is all for the past ten with just three shots and in the series just one goal for the penguins on the powerful in that came a 5on3 goal life guinea malkin so if the predator going to play that the weight that they play the last two games which they looks like they want to take it in the alley mikey they want they won although make this a real nasty series negga pushed the envelope and see what they can get away with physically if they're going to go over that lie which they have the last two games the you gotta make them pay it's the only way you've harped on this so many times in the playoffs that if a team is going to run around the way the predator running around and they're gonna put you on the power play the only way you curtailed that is the score on those carpets now one other factor in this game.

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