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They're mean much tastier than we are down here in the lower forty eight and you know frankly come around Thursday we'll all be stuff will be like if we like eating per Dokken if you if you if you know us this day our big show tonight looking forward to this we have open lines of course later on tonight and then between now and then believe it or snot the definitive field guide to earth's slimy creatures it's such a and we'll get into that just a second with one of the co authors Nick Caruso tomorrow night on coast to coast it it pop culture observer Saul Austerlitz is going to be on with this he writes really great books he wrote a book about the phenomenon of friends but he also wrote a re examination about the death at Altamont what happened there at the famous concert the free concert put on by the rolling stones just a shot away peace love and tragedy with the rolling stones at Altamont that's tomorrow night ended that will be our main guest tomorrow night however before that we've got a special guest in the first hour on Saturday night I David dust mulching is going to be on don't know the name I will explain all of that and will hit the news Tim but all will join this here just a second and cover the top stories of the week next on coast to coast AM in for George nori this is the impala.

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