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A little lie version of it for you. Got your head. How? How can I remember that? I'm old. Not because you've been around a while. You know your musical history. That's why eternal never for me. I never urgent call before, but I hope you do again What you have. It's it's been a while back, but, uh, I'm in. I'm in a spot where I don't have service so Well, whatever it was whatever it worked, it worked tonight, My friend and I'll remember if you call back again, journal. Thank you. Money. Alright here some ace high along a little bit of a live version with fanciful suasion. I never heard the live version of this. Can't suspicion. Quiet. You're Chris's in Lodi joining our show this evening. Mighty nice of you to be listening tonight, Chris Air. You're doing that. Good. Thank you. A Norman Greenbaum. Oh, yeah. Spirit in the sky, One of the greatest one of the greatest. Oh, my gosh stand, it stands the test of time Song, Chris. Spirit. Such a great Wow. That's one that will always just be a classic, right? Just always a classic period. Mary's well. See what Kim is up to in Marysville tonight,.

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