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Safe retirement at 844 Plan and wives see, that's 844. P L A N N Y. C. This is no pain, no gain. FINANCIAL radio. Here's this week's spotlight. No pain, no gain. Ryan Payne, Bob Pain, No pain, no gain. Financial radio and Father die every week. Just want to give you the most common sense. Practical advice. You can use it. You're planning investing. That's why we put together our latest guide. We give you five ways to save on taxes before the end of the year, five strategies we use at our firm paying capital management. You can use with your portfolio and you can download it for free, Simply texture. Email address 284475 to 6692. That's 84475 to 6692. We give you five ways to save on taxes before the end of the year. It's not what you make. It's what you take. You can download it for free. Simply texture. Email address 284475 to 6692 That's texture. Email address to 84475 to 6692, and now you have a very special guest on the show and one of our co hosts. On our new podcast Pain Points of wealth. Bob's son, my brother, Chris Payne, Financial Advisor Pain Capital Management, and you can check out our new podcast at be bullish dot com. That's be bullish dot com and Mr Chris Payne. Great to have you on the show problem. Hey, right. It's good to be back. You guys don't have me on that often Always kind of wondered about that. But, you know, it's always good to have three pains in a pod. You know, your brother doesn't like to competition. Chris, I don't blame them. I'm the oldest in the most vain if we have to be honest about it, But Christmas is great having on the show and we love doing new podcast with you. It's really cool for the three of us to do it together. That our listeners can check out of. Be bullish, calm, But this is our spotlight segment each week..

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