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Win even against some of the league's heavy hitters. Yeah, no, I'm glad you brought that one up. I'm excited for that one. Again, we just barely saw Courtney Williams a return in their last game against New York after serving her two game suspension. While Williams was the starter heideman actually got the majority of the minutes there. That's what's kind of excited there. Are exciting there is because I think that if you've got heidemann and Williams, you kind of take your pick on who's on right then. This is a really super scary Connecticut sun team. But Indiana, Indiana is maybe the most interesting team of the season. They're probably still going to miss the playoffs, but man are they interesting? It's been a lot of fun to see to kind of see what goes down here. As long as they don't commit 29 turnovers like the liberty, hopefully they'll stay within 30. Yeah. By the way, those Connecticut Indiana games, those are my entire fantasy team. That's true. That's true. You're going to rake in a lot of points. Which, by the way, good job. Just how much do you want to offer me? Good game. Good game in our first week. I was one Jessica shepherd away from. Picking up Jessica shepherd might be the biggest, smartest thing I do this entire season. Not Jessica, shepherd. I'm checking this on the end because we are wrapping the show up, but if this was kind of our final minute rundown, you might notice that we didn't talk about the New York liberty all the day. They don't play a game until next Tuesday. I don't see them in action. And that's maybe for the best. They're kind of at the point in the early.

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