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Dot com. All right we're back. Just walk around. The alcohol podcast. So we're talking about what to look forward tonight in the falcons. First preseason game going up against the titans in atlanta. We talked about the offense in the first half top defense. I want to start in the trenches guys like grady jarrett tyler. Davidson highly unlikely. They're gonna play again if they play. It's going to be one series at most. The guys i think are going to be really getting some significant opportunities in this game number. One player that i think last year many of us were hoping he would have a bigger role but injuries and covert and and all of that sort of contributed to a lackluster rookie season. That's marlon davidson. All signs are that this guy is coming to camp in great shape He looks like he's ready to take on a bigger role in his second year I expect to see him. Play a significant number snaps in this game So definitely look for him as one of the key players to watch in that defensive line rotation likewise sort of one of the guys in this draft classic keeps getting forgotten about to quan graham. I think he's also going to get some opportunities. Maybe more in the second half of the game to show what he's capable of haven't heard much about him in camp again you know. He's he's a day three rookie. So i think expectations going in. We're load begin with but he's a player that's got again. This long wingspan. Some potential for growth in upside down the road Be interested to see how he performs in this game. Probably again in the second. Half john kaminsky who contributed to good bit last year. I think we'll see some of him as well on that defensive line and then a name that's been flashing a lot and camp. Jonathan bullard so definitely pay attention. See if he get some snaps some opportunities and whether he's playing earlier later in the game now outside linebackers it seems unlikely that dante fowler who just recently came back in the same timeframe. Kaelin mcgarry did. He is unlikely to play so the big name here for the assad linebackers to pay attention to is add a ogan digi. He is the the one that's recently be sort of been rising up the the the the depth charts at outside linebacker. For the falcons getting some run with the ones When guys like stephen means in jacob to yo to mariner have been getting some rest ogan deja has been getting in there and apparently has been impressive. now. I don't think we can pence a starter just yet. He is a day three rookie but he is definitely named to pay attention to. And if honestly this is probably the weakest position group. On this falcons defense this pass rush is going to anchor off guys like this. So hopefully ogan deja has something he can offer more. So than like stephen means and two to t mariner because i love what those guys can as rotational pieces. But as starters. I just don't think the quality is there so hopefully ogundipe can surprise us definitely named that. I'm going to be keyed in on linebacker. Dion jones lucon probably again as as veterans. Not gonna play a ton of snaps. Michael walker the rookie from last year. I think he's going to see a lot of action. He had a promising rookie season with limited snaps. He played about one third. The snaps of what dion jones did during the season but walker is someone that i think has got some upside. Sounds like he's had a good training camp. He will probably get a lot of snaps in tonight's game and then passed him during ethridge and rural thompson again to other names to pay attention to that linebacker spot. Now the corners. Aj rail has been tearing up camp. Will we see much of him tonight. I don't know you know. He played an entire season last year. He's not yet quote unquote a veteran. This is only his second year. I think we will see him out there somewhat but maybe not as much as some of the other younger guys so probably see a series or two with aj trail out there Fabien moreau probably not gonna play. I think really the guys. We're going to get a really good long. Look at chris williamson. darren hall avery. Williams williams is also in competition for that punt returner spot. So we're probably going to see a good bit of him on special teams as well Williamson has been a guy. That's flashed a lot in camp. Let's see if that carries over to an actual game. He is a definite name to pay attention to that. Could be part of the rotation if he can keep it up and again you know. This is really the first opportunity for many of these guys who've made a name for themselves in count show that translates into the game and williamson is one name that has really popped recently. Now the to starting safeties. Eric harris drawn harmon both veterans again. Maybe you see him for a series. But i think this is the perfect opportunity to get guys like jalen hawkins last year's rookie Safety in the only carryover safety from the dan quinn era. We lost three of our safeties. As you remember. Richie grant our second round draft pick. This year is probably going to see a ton of playing time in this game Tj green who has been getting snaps and both safety and a quarter. He is someone to pay attention to hear. I think he's one of those players that this coaching staff loves. They love the versatility of him being able to move from safety to corner. So let's see how he does with that in the game so definitely at the safety position. Pay attention to the jail. Hawkins richie grant and even some of the guys behind them and whether or not they can make a case for themselves but right now it seems like the two primary names because they could legitimately get some snaps during the season and significant. Ones are grant hawkins. Pass that to finish off. you know. We talked about special teams the kick returner. Spot is clearly oro. patterson's. I don't think there's going to be any competition there. We know he's he's a dynamic returner and kick returns but from a return standpoint It sounds like it's down the chris rowland and every williams and williams in college was just explosive at the position. So definitely something to pay.

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