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Charlotte Clint Bowyer took second while Jimmy Johnson finished third that's sports some separate with the beginning of meteorological summer today we've got an expansive dome of summer heat and it will begin spreading across the continental U. S. high temperatures today will rise into the nineties across the northern and central plains with more triple digit heat in the desert southwest after a cool day today the west coast will see temperatures return to summer like levels tomorrow the exception to this heat wave is the east coast with pleasant and comfortable conditions across the northeast today and tomorrow by Wednesday eighties and nineties with increasingly humid conditions returned to the mid Atlantic which means by mid week hot weather will stretch from coast to coast rounds of showers and thunderstorms over the central U. S. Texas and Florida for the first half of this week the area most at risk for showers and thunderstorms grows from the northern high plains to the upper Midwest elevated to critical fire weather conditions across the central Great Basin today that's your national weather forecast I'm Jackie Murphy NBC news radio Martin Luther king quotes here welcome to the Glenn Beck program we're glad you're here we want to talk about the riots of Pat is joining us do is on vacation.

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