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Are scheduled to take finals this week. The Fremont fire department is working to extinguish a blaze on an abandoned railroad trestle. Just south of the Dumbarton bridge. Fire started as a grass fire around five thirty this evening and spread to the trestle two hours later fire sending plumes of black smoke the old rail bridge, which connects Newark and East Palo Alto. Menlo Park hasn't seen trains for decades. But Facebook, whose main campuses near the rail line in Menlo Park. Reportedly has been go with San Mateo county transit to possibly revive the rail bridge for operation as a commuter rail line have been no injuries reported. So far in this plays an Amtrak train struck a vehicle on the tracks near the Oakland Coliseum complex in what an Oakland. Fire battalion chief says was an apparent suicide, the train was heading from San Jose to Sacramento and collision happened at eighty Fifth Avenue and a railroad. Just south of the Coliseum at about eleven o'clock this morning. None of the sixty one people on board. The train were injured. Just ahead on KCBS new vaccine Bill in. California's getting cheers and jeers from the medical community. Wait a case of. Yes, I four traffic. Look at what's going on, on the roadways now with Frank meaning. Oh few jeers for traffic on the peninsula. Overseeing lot of flow and goal northbound one zero one of begins at the Oregon expressway and continues up to Marsh. It's because of Cal trans road work, which is narrowing lanes there and stop and slow traffic along that stretch close you were mentioning that fire at the railroad trestle in Newark, some smoke still visible from the Dumbarton bridge, but the little patch was slow traffic that we had seen eastbound eighty four approaching the tolls was now completely dissipated. So that's not affecting traffic on the Dumbarton bridge. We still have lots of slow and go heading off of the bay bridge that slowing begins on westbound eighty drift past the center Anchorage. And we'll continue all the way across westbound eighty skyway to the one on one split in San Francisco, you're next. Traffic update at ten eighteen on the traffic leader came to be and forecasts of the bay area tonight some cloudy skies with overnight lows in the middle fifties. We'll see slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow with sunshine look for highs ranging from the low sixties.

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