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The governor will sign it has made, its way through both houses legislature. Haven't in Sacramento and that is the Bill ending bail in California If you've. Been trying to get through it's not been easy but if you wanna have a word or two on this every. Line is now available. We clear them all out four nine zero fifty eight fifty eight eight hundred seventy seven six fifty eight fifty eight Defense attorney. Mark cafeteria my dear friend and fellow musician is here preemptive studios. Helping us out nor thank you now you brought to our attention an audiotape of. Particular woman what what is this going to here, so this this is Gina Clayton Johnson she's with the SE group she's. Basically. A. Former co sponsor and a drafter of the Bill. It. Sounds like she's talking about her community of. Women with loved one chore incarcerated you, gotta you gotta get, a load of this but at the same time she no longer supportive of the final. Form correct right neither the ACLU and a lotta these liberal group. Okay let's listen to what she has to say It's not real bail reform What's happened to ask Three Last opportunity to get our our Masson Carson he's a mass incarceration transformed on in Any time that. Is now being forced down our throats Our community communities women rated loved ones Knows what So badly Swore pain the bail industry debate pain over and over again with pain comes up for collateral fees on all of the money over years for Pike's women incarcerated loved ones have been exploited And so for us, to come, out former co sponsors of the of the still originally working on drafting meetings tried him Sacramento for the last two years for us to now come out position to this Bill Been, incredibly difficult but unfortunately necessary is this Bill is regressive policy that will put in place more incarceration Brown people low income people rather than less And that? Is just, not what what is all about Oh she's.

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