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Nothing hidden about what's on the agenda for today because today is New Year's Eve Thursday, the 31st of December kissed this year. No, no, It's not that kind of kiss where you think we carry you better kiss your Yeah. Maybe. You know what is better? You know, it'll be better. I got it. I guess I'm better The good old American salute. Can you hear that? Do you hear that hurt? Love there it is okay or raise the right finger to this year. Any or all of those things would be extremely relevant and applicable New Year's Eve. Final day. This is the Gregorian calendar. You know that? That's what we call the the year of our Lord and our Dominy. All the things that are used to attribute the year 20 twenties, otherwise irrelevant. The Chinese year. I think it's 57 31 or something like that. And okay, yeah, in the Muslim religion. There's another year for but it's all you know what's it relates you that's in your life. If you are follower or believer in all of the things that the various churches have put together, it's a convenient measure. It would be much it's much easier than if we take The actual year of the origin of the Earth. Like how could it be? How would you like to say Hell is December 31st 5,332,485,213. That that's a little cumbersome, right? It's kind of maybe someday that will be the accurate, accurate count. I don't know. I don't I don't have the planet to last that long, But yeah, right. Well, here's the plan. It'll probably last A good deal longer than the human occupation of it. At the rate, they're we're going anyway. So back to the Gregorian calendar, the official global standard. Because again, there were lots of different and diverse calendars that track what is essence the what's really fascinating about time is that it has worked out. This is the From me in a spirituals sense, Victoria the coming together. Of all of the things that have made it work like the moon functions around the earth in an elliptical orbit that last 28 Quarter days, and the earth goes around the sun and 365 Day units and the earth spins on its axis in exactly a 24 hour. Negative, actually, 23 hours 59 minutes. And 92.92 seconds or something like that, because we have to make up a second every How many years? The atomic clock has to make up a second someplace here and there. But anyway, the perfection of how everything functions and then you anything about the planet. Now it survives water and air and things that grow including all of the species that are on the planet and the human, the Justin analyze our body and how it works, The heart, the brain everything that functions. A swell as it doesn't get said yesterday that we are actually built According to most people who studied the body, the human body we could live if we didn't do such stupid stuff to ourselves. 140 150 years It seems hard to imagine that there's that much in our body. But there is what we smoke and we drink and we eat ice cream, and we drive cars too fast. And you know the other things that happened. Anyway. The Gregorian calendar we use today came from the pope of Pope Gregory, the eighth back in 15 82, the Gregorian calendar based on the solar year. Replaced the Roman calendar, which was done when Caesar was the ruler. Remember the fact that we have in the month of July and August came from the two Caesars? Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar. That's where we There were 10 months before that, and they and their ego figured out. How that I don't know how it worked in 10 months if you haven't 60 days and you divided Yeah. In 10 segments. There were six extra days. So the original Average of 30 anyway. What's the old expression? 30 Days hath September, April, May and November. All the rest have 31 in kind except leap year, which has.

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