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God damn then i saw that footage from the space station showed that big acil hanging over texas us at mother buckets much clout but as figures have downgraded to a tropical storm no big deal know and the third ads go right a little bit but she took off in a move blow out of beside goddamn duda i'm watching shit won't go down in houston whole southeast region that got fifty one inches of rain guide do deadlock you'd on what they get a year maybe twenty twenty five inches at maybe i'll even no but i just know that this insane amount of fucking rain and you know like houston if if four inches of rain dumpson used in like legacy split it's it's smoked yep now sudden you throw in fifty warn over the course of the few days and i'm watching these people is a rodent entered there's nothing but airboats load john john boats and educate hold that they've taken the place of cars because all the cars on water and i'm thinking people walk and chest cairner dogs on her shoulders maine talk about heartbreak in a devastating it was unbelievable i couldn't believe it i just figured mahidol dumbass utomana dumb you are will salk i gotcha beat i figured he tropicalstorm edaran little button it will stop now man outing i just saw of sabaot a flip of the the sun they showed assad the clouds finally broken houston it might circle back but the clouds on a boat but god dangdut years things go away it it it stopped rain and thank god.

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